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Coastal Living Room Ideas –¬†Incorporate soothing blues, sandy beiges, and calming neutrals into your coastal living room to evoke feelings of beachy serenity. Look for natural textures like woven baskets and driftwood accents, as well as framed seaside artwork and reclaimed wood furniture.

Complements a Coastal Living Room Color Scheme

Window treatments are another easy way to add a hint of coastal design to your living space. Here, a pair of woven wood shades helps tie the room’s design together. Coastal living rooms can’t be cluttered or overly decorated; instead, they should evoke a breezy, relaxing feel. Keep color schemes simple and use a variety of textures to amplify the effect. Add seaside-inspired accents to complement your coastal living room color scheme, such as striped throw pillows and woven baskets. Hang coastal artwork ranging from scenic ocean vistas to vintage-style holiday postcards for easy coastal living room ideas.

Soft blue shades are a staple of coastal living rooms. Used with white, it’s calming and welcoming, but also works well with warm neutral tones that energize the palette. Pairing blue with earthy hues like rust and brown adds a hint of rustic coastal living room ideas to the design, as seen in this beach-inspired space from Mindy Gayer Design Co.

Incorporate a touch of seaside style with three-dimensional decorative accents such as shell-inspired vases and rope-accented wall art. This subtle approach conveys the theme without looking cheesy. Bring a beachy feel to your living room with nautically inspired accessories. Look for striped pillow covers, rattan ottomans, and seascape artwork to add the perfect touch without going overboard with the theme. Adding in elements like weathered wood and rope detailing also helps to build on the coastal look.

Further Strengthening Beach Aesthetics with Green Gardens

Infuse your coastal living room with a hint of blue by using patterned throw pillows and drapes in navy or aqua shades. Add a touch of white to brighten the color palette, and choose a light-colored rug for a soft and breezy appearance. Whether you have an actual ocean view or are just looking to add a bit of coastal flair, there’s nothing quite like bringing in natural elements to inspire relaxation and evoke summer memories. Opt for wooden flooring in a natural shade and pair with a sisal or jute rugs to create a softer texture. Using houseplants and adding plenty of greenery throughout the space further reinforces the coastal aesthetic.

A coastal living room evokes a relaxing beach vacation with soothing colors, natural materials and seaside accessories. Breezy shades of white, sandy tones and blues reminiscent of sand and sea complement light and airy fabrics like linen and cotton. Mix in soft neutrals, yellows and pinks, and rattan and bamboo furniture to create a warm yet breezy atmosphere.

Coastal-themed artwork is another way to bring a coastal look into the space. Look for paintings or posters featuring classic symbols of a coastal landscape, like a watercolor sailboat. Use these as accent pieces throughout the room or a focal point above the sofa. If you want to bring in a coastal touch without going overboard, limit the number of wall decorations and choose simple decor items, like stacked blue books or sea glass-inspired vases. Then, decorate with authentic coastal accents, like seashells and driftwood. This creates a cohesive theme that’s easy to maintain.

Create a Warm and Inviting Coastal Living Room

Make your coastal living room feel warm and inviting year-round with a touch of natural texture. Use a variety of materials like seashells, driftwood, and fresh flowers to add a calming vibe that’s perfect for any season.

If you love the idea of a coastal living room but want to keep it understated, a neutral color scheme can work for your space. Stick to soft hues that feel soothing, such as sandy browns and muted blues. Pair these color shades with a jute or sisal area rug and wood furniture to ground the look.

Rattan is an easy material to integrate into a coastal living room. Layer the texture through a coffee table, storage pieces, and decorative accents like trays or baskets. To tie the ambiance together, use coastal-themed artwork and a few shell or sand-inspired throw pillows. This seaside cottage from Angela Grace Design embodies the laidback coastal style with a mix of fabrics, furniture, and coastal-themed decor. The natural sisal area rug, woven baskets, and seascape paintings reinforce the breezy theme.



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