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Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas – Rustic kitchens are calming spaces that exude warmth and charm. Incorporate natural elements such as stone on your countertops and floors to add texture.

Presents an Authentic Rustic Feel

Lighting is also critical to the rustic kitchen. Look for fixtures made of wrought iron or reclaimed wood to further enhance the ambiance. Barn doors are another great way to bring in that authentic rustic feel. They can be used as pantry or scullery door and add a beautiful accent piece to the room.

If you’re looking for a darker shade, dark wood cabinets are an attractive choice for rustic kitchens. They add an element of sophistication that can elevate the look while contrasting beautifully with earthy elements such as stone backsplashes and countertops. Rustic color schemes usually combine modern neutral tones with earthy colors for a fresh feel, but you can go even bolder than that. Light blue-green is not one of the more common cabinet colors, but it can be a stunning addition to a rustic kitchen when used on lower cabinetry.

This farmhouse-style kitchen uses Shaker-style cabinets with black pulls for a traditional rustic design. A reclaimed wood range hood and brick backsplash continue the style, while simple strip lighting and glass-front upper cabinets keep the space bright and airy. The color blue exudes a serene countryside aesthetic and blends well with a wide variety of kitchen styles. Choose a pale, soft blue to mimic the color of ripe, wild blueberries or opt for a deep sapphire shade for a bold and striking statement. Neutral counters and simple white appliances pair well with blue cabinets, as do handmade, rustic decor items like woven baskets or braided rugs.

Adds a Modern Touch without Overwhelming the Rustic Atmosphere

Some people associate rustic with weathered wood or hand-hewn beams, but this style can actually be quite bright if you choose the right colors and materials. Light-colored wood floors and walls create a cozy storybook effect in this kitchen while showcasing the blue cabinetry beautifully. The chrome hardware adds a modern touch without overwhelming the rustic vibe. Brick kitchens may be a surprise for some homeowners, but they often work well in a rustic space. Brick walls, hearths and even ceilings can add texture and warmth to a rustic kitchen. Brick backsplashes can also be a beautiful design element.

Backsplashes can be made from traditional red brick or modern, thin brick that looks like real brick. Some homeowners even use cracked glazed tile to mimic the look of organic, earthy brown brick. Natural wood accents, such as Shaker-style cabinets or a carved-stone sink, are an excellent choice for rustic kitchens. You can choose dark-stained wood to show off grain or paint cabinets a neutral color for a lighter, farmhouse feel. Open shelving can showcase handmade pottery and vintage dishware for a charming touch that feels authentically rustic.

While it may sound counterintuitive, open shelving can be the perfect complement to a rustic kitchen. It offers the opportunity to display antique tableware, china soup bowls and more—and it adds visual texture to a room. To keep shelves from looking like a chaotic mess, it’s important to rely on an established color scheme and to repurpose items in the same style. For example, pretty tins make beautiful utensil holders while old glass bottles can double as bud vases.

Consider Installing Open Shelves

To add a little extra flair, consider pairing your open shelving with a unique backsplash or other decorative accents. A herringbone or floral tile will provide contrast against the natural look of your wooden shelves. Or, use a patterned wallpaper or a red patterned rug to add additional color and texture. Normally hidden from sight, a beautiful roof truss can heighten the allure of any room. This rustic kitchen design lets them shine.

Depending on truss style, overall span, and design preferences, many trusses can be left exposed for aesthetic purposes. However, to do so you’ll need to dummy up the top chords and insulate above. You’ll also need to add horizontal bracing every ten feet or so to prevent the bottom chord from twisting.

A wood truss ceiling is not the easiest way to achieve rustic kitchen style, but it is one of the most striking. Paired with other rustic touches, like a freestanding island in a different species of wood and chippy painted floors, it can create a collected, antique cabin aesthetic. It’s a great option for homeowners who want to avoid the time and expense of drywalling.



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