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How to Update a Small Contemporary Kitchen – A bold accent wall with a hanging pot rack, utensil collection or gallery of art is a great way to add character and a pop of color to your modern kitchen. This method of drawing the eye upward elongates the room and makes it feel bigger.

Stylish Ways to Update a Kitchen

Architect Peter Block and designer Beth Webb bypassed conventional upper cabinetry in this intimate galley kitchen to avoid making the small space feel boxed in. The slender wood cabinets add warmth and visual interest to the kitchen. Two-toned cabinets are a stylish way to update your kitchen. While they’re typically considered a trend, if executed correctly, this design element can be timeless.

Generally, dark colors are used for lower cabinets, and white or another light shade is used for uppers. The contrast draws the eye upward and helps a small room feel larger. Dark shades also add warmth to a kitchen. The beauty of this design element is that it’s completely customizable. You can experiment with contrasting hues, pairing a neutral with a bold color, or mixing up materials and finishes.

For example, you can pair a painted set of uppers with a natural wood finish on the island for a mix of sleek modernism and rustic warmth. Adding metallic hardware or fixtures like pendants can elevate the look and coordinate with your appliances for a cohesive design. Two-tone cabinets can even be used to incorporate a textured material like stone into your design for a more natural element. Embrace the open shelving trend for a kitchen that feels chic and modern. Shelves offer an affordable alternative to custom cabinetry, allowing homeowners to display pretty vases and bottles or a collection of cookbooks while still providing easy access to everyday dishes and glassware. Shelving also helps create a clean and streamlined look by pushing homeowners to keep their kitchens neat and tidy.

Add Additional Houseplants for an Organic Touch

For a sleek and contemporary look, match your shelves to your walls. These floating wood shelves complement the deep charcoal kitchen color, blending in and adding a cohesive feel to the room. If you’re hesitant about open shelving, start small by swapping out some upper cabinets for this functional yet stylish option. Store dishes and glassware on the shelves, then style them with jars of pasta, ceramics, and woven baskets. Add trailing houseplants for an organic touch.

As a design element, floor-to-ceiling shelving offers a unique blend of function and aesthetics. Embrace the minimal and showcase your finest crockery, ornaments, or accessories on open shelves that stretch from floor to ceiling. This is a great way to stamp your own style and personality on the kitchen while providing additional storage space. Consider incorporating built-in cabinets to maximize storage space in small kitchens. This design option is a great alternative to upper cabinets that are typically used to store food and utensils.

Lighting Features to Match Kitchen Style

Maximizing storage in your kitchen is essential to maintaining an organized and efficient cooking space. Whether you prefer open shelving, pull-out drawers, or tall cabinets, these stylish floor-to-ceiling storage solutions will transform your kitchen into a clutter-free haven. Contemporary kitchens often use a variety of light sources. Having floor-to-ceiling windows and, when possible, a skylight in your kitchen can let natural light flow through the room. Then, adding feature lighting that is well-suited to your kitchen’s style lets you create a different mood at the flick of a switch.

Another way to maximise natural light in your small contemporary kitchen is by using light-coloured flooring and paint colours. This works because lighter colours reflect light rather than absorbing it, which opens up your room and makes it feel larger. Waterfall countertops are another popular option for modern kitchens, and they can add a pop of color or texture that contrasts with the rest of the space. This helps keep the overall look clean and polished. If you have and want to send articles to deeahzone, you can visit this page!



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