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How to Design a Small White Bathroom –¬†White walls add light to a space without sacrificing any warmth. They also make a bathroom feel brighter and more spacious.

Thoughtful Design Touches to Ensure They Look Their Best

White bathrooms are a popular choice for homeowners who want a clean, modern look. However, they do need some thoughtful design touches to ensure they look their best. Natural light is an important aspect of any bathroom design. It offers a free source of light (saving you money on electricity bills), that also supplements your lighting scheme and serves as a natural mood booster.

In a windowless bathroom, however, it can be difficult to get this light in the right places. One way to add more natural light is by strategically positioning mirrors around the room. The right mirror will make your small white bathroom seem even bigger by catching and reflecting light. It will also give your space a sense of depth as the mirror reflects the other walls in the room.

In addition, consider incorporating more layers of light into the design with under cabinet lights or tape lighting. These LED lights provide a warm glow that works well below a vanity, in a recessed niche, or along with shelving. A small bathroom with well-planned storage solutions, where order and comfort are the main criteria, brings a stylish and functional atmosphere to the space. Decorative baskets and mirrored storage cabinets offer effective options for storing small bathroom items that are used frequently.

Limiting the Color Palette and Choosing Soft Accents

Towel storage in a vanity, like this one by Nicole Davis, is a great way to save space in a linen closet and ensure you have fresh towels on hand when you need them most. The open cubbies in this design make it easy to store extra towels, washcloths, and other small toiletries. If you have a wall cabinet with a door that tilts out, you can turn it into a hidden storage hub by tucking a wire hamper inside. This clever solution keeps towels neatly folded while maximizing cabinet space.

The RASKOG utility cart by IKEA is another handy choice for bathroom storage. This space-saving unit features a pullout compartment that houses personal-care products and hair-styling tools, and it folds back into the wall when not in use. A small white bathroom is an excellent space to play with texture, pattern, and color. The key is to keep the color palette limited and to choose soft accents, such as a warm wood floor, that don’t overpower the palette.

Another way to add dimension and interest is by tiling the wall behind your vanity. A mix of graphic black-and-white tiles is a great choice, as they create a dynamic focal point and avoid overwhelming the entire room. If you’re looking for a color that will go well with an all-white bathroom, opt for a light blue. It’s the perfect shade to reflect light and make the room feel bigger, suggests Piercy.

Tips for Small White Bathrooms

Another tip for a small white bathroom is to mount glass shelves on your walls since they’ll blend in perfectly with the rest of your palette. This makes it easy to store your favorite bathroom accessories. If you want to make your small bathroom appear larger, choose tiles that reflect light. Darker colors absorb more light, while light colors reflect it back into space.

The color, shade, and finish of your tile will affect how much natural and artificial light it reflects. Paler whites can be more effective in a room that receives plenty of natural sunlight, but if the light is mostly artificial, a lighter hue can help your space feel more spacious. Tiling four walls in a small bathroom can be tricky, but if you pick something simple like metro tiles that work well with white and contrast with contrasting grout, it can add lots of interest.


Strong decorative patterns might seem too busy or overwhelming in a small bathroom, but they can be very effective for adding visual interest and creating the feeling of a room with more space. Use them with restraint, limiting them to the floor and partway up the wall. This will give your space a sense of spaciousness, but also ensure that you can still enjoy the pattern. If you have and want to send articles to deeahzone, you can visit this page!



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