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Add Elegance to Your Bathroom With an Oval Vessel Sink – Whenever you have an oval vessel sink in your bathroom, you can be sure that it is going to add beauty to the room. This is because there are a number of different styles to choose from, and you can find a vessel sink that fits in with your decor. You can also find sinks that are designed for use in a small area. This is a good way to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Finding a Well-Designed Boat Sink

Whether you’re looking for a new bathroom sink or you want to replace your old one, you’ll find that a vessel sink is an excellent option. Vessel sinks are designed to sit on the countertop. This design ensures that you have a secure fit and the bowl is curved to provide excellent drainage. The smooth and glossy surface also makes it easy to clean. This style is available in a variety of sizes, including a petite version and a medium version.

The Vessel sink from the Ruvati Vista collection features a thick solid porcelain ceramic construction, making it a durable and stylish choice for your bathroom. The glossy, smooth surface is resistant to chipping and scratching, and the curved bowl shape makes it easy to clean.

Designed for daily use, VIGO’s ConcretoStone(tm) Collection for oval vessel sinks is made from all natural concrete composite. The proprietary material is handcrafted and designed to be long lasting. It is guaranteed for years of use and will coordinate with any wall-mounted faucet. Unlike traditional sink materials, ConcretoStone is more durable and is available in several shades, including neutral gray. Whether you are looking to update your bathroom or you are designing a new space, VIGO’s ConcretoStone(tm) Round and Oval Vessel Sink Collection will add a natural look and feel to your home.

The Right Choice for the Ideal Bathroom

This round vessel sink from the ConcretoStone Collection comes with a pop-up drain, which is ideal for keeping water clean. This is a great choice for your bathroom and will coordinate well with VIGO’s Niko faucet, which features a waterfall spout.

Using the Aquatica Sensuality collection of small oval vessel sinks is a great way to add some style to your bathroom. The AquateX(tm) material used for these sinks provides a beautiful matte finish, while the bowl-shaped basin makes this sink an ideal companion piece to the Sensuality series baths. This vessel bathroom sink also has an intricate design that increases the elegance factor of the sink.

The Sensuality collection of small oval vessel bath sinks is a great choice for home and interior designers alike. They are available in a variety of colors, including black, white, gunmetal, and even the RAL color chart. The sinks are also made from the AquateX(tm) material, which offers easy maintenance and a natural matte finish.

Luxurious Design Inspired by the Cleanliness of Glaciers and the Natural World

ICE OVAL is a pure crystal oval vessel sink that is available in three sizes. It is stone-cut and hand-bevelled. It is inspired by the purity of glaciers and the world of nature. It is mouth-blown and available in a designer inspired color: Transparent. It is available in three finishes, gold, silver and chrome. It also features brass free flow waste and a brass base. It is suitable for most luxury design applications.

The Ice Oval vessel-sink is a sculptural masterpiece. It is a luxurious crystal based material that is hand-selected by the designers. The sink is made of RHINO ALLOY certified high-tempered Deco-Glass. It features reactive silver frit spirals. The sink is available in gold, silver and chrome finish.



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