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Planning an Eclectic Family Room – When planning an eclectic family room, consider your overall storage needs. A family room with plenty of storage is a practical space for gatherings with family and friends. Consider your needs when designing an eclectic family room and try to plan your decorating around these. You might want to consider adding shelving or built-in counters. You may want to consider using contrasting hues in a room with lots of storage, but if that is not an option, opt for tones that complement each other.

Rustic-Chic Cut Adds Personality to the Room

The rustic-chic pieces add personality to the space, yet still look refined and photo-ready. A fresh coat of white paint and a traditional figurative portrait help create this look. You can layer multiple area rugs for an extra special look. You can complement the rug pattern with patterned window treatments. You’ll want to avoid a cluttered look in your family room, but you can still enjoy its warm and inviting feel.

A fireplace, a wood-framed mirror, and cozy seating all add character to this eclectic family room. A framed mirror and a large, unique chandelier reflect the eclectic look. A mirrored wall and picture window add a bit of flair to the room. A patterned sofa and mismatched chairs add an eclectic touch to the room. A green storage cabinet stands out against white walls and complements the patterned drapes. A classic red-framed chandelier casts a warm light into the room.

In a blue living room, the colorful artwork on the wall provides a striking backdrop to a blue sectional sofa. The striped ottoman and round coffee table create a regal feel to the space. A fireplace framed in tiles surrounds an eclectic fireplace. Adding a salmon-hued floor lamp and gray coffee table completes the room’s colorful look. If you’re looking for the right accent piece to make your eclectic family room more comfortable, consider a traditional style or an art nouveau look.

Eclectic Style Has Many Benefits and Privileges

An eclectic style has many benefits. First of all, it allows you to combine elements that don’t match. The result is a cohesive look that is visually appealing to your guests. And while this may seem complicated, it’s definitely worth trying. The key is to find a balance and add trinkets gradually. You’ll be glad you did. With the right selection of furnishings, you’ll love your eclectic family room for years to come.

While eclectic style may appear to be a bit chaotic at first, it will come together with time. While some pieces may stand out, others will clash. For example, a vintage Moroccan rug would add drama to the space, while a custom-made bed from Serena & Lily could make the room feel cozier. In addition to these pieces, a custom-made rug from Sien + Co, and a nightstand from Restoration Hardware would complete the look.

A colorfully decorated eclectic family room can be both playful and sophisticated. An elk antler trophy is a beautiful focal point in a gold-hued den. While the walls and ceiling are neutral, accents like a palm tree triptych or a vintage chintz pattern add color to an otherwise monochromatic room. You can also paint the walls white and add botanical-themed accessories, including lamps and shades.

A Great Way to Show Off Your Personality

For a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, an eclectic family room is a great way to show off your personality. This style allows you to mix and match items and textures without fear of looking out of place. While an eclectic living room may not be the most functional space, it will be a reflection of your personality and individuality. If you’re a rule-breaker, then opt for a style that isn’t too conformist.

An eclectic living room can be bold, or it can blend seamlessly with a modern home. Using bold couches or metallic coffee tables can give a room a bold look. And remember that you don’t need to overdo it – eclectic living rooms can be a good place to experiment with bold design elements. Plush rugs are a great way to add visual impact. The combination of old and new is a great way to highlight existing features.



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