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Shabby Chic Crafts Ideas For Your Home –┬áThere are many shabby chic crafts that you can make at home, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. For example, a plain wooden box can be turned into a cute keepsake holder by painting the exposed wood in white script. You can also use yarn to make a variety of items, from a scarf to a wall hanging. You’ll be surprised by how versatile yarn is!

A Great Way to Add Shabby Chic Style

Decorative items made of recycled materials are also a great way to add shabby chic flair to your home. One of the most popular is a golden magnolia wreath, which you can easily make yourself. This decor item has a wonderfully feminine feeling that will surely impress your guests. The wreath is a great way to decorate a door, or hang it above a mantel. Another idea is to make a shabby-chic book page wreath and hang it above a mantel or any interior door.

A painted heart is another great shabby chic craft, and you can make one out of thin plywood. To make one, follow the tutorial at allthingsheartandhome. You can also use a terracotta pot to decorate your home with shabby chic style. To create the shabby look, you’ll need chalky paint or a matte varnish and a paintbrush. Another simple craft is turning a tin can into a decorative planter or vase.

The shabby chic look is also appropriate for a nursery or playroom. If you have a young child, you can make an adorable butterfly mobile out of vintage-inspired paper. In addition, you can create a shabby-chic front porch by placing potted plants on a wooden entranceway. This will add to the overall look of your home. These are just a few of the many shabby chic crafts ideas you can make for your home.

Shabby Chic Craft Ideas with Beautiful Furniture

Another shabby chic craft is to redo an old piece of furniture. An old French armoire is a wonderful piece of furniture that will look great in a bedroom. If you don’t have an armoire, you can use a rustic wooden dresser instead. If you don’t have a dresser, you can make a small one. You can add a burlap and ribbon garland to the inside of the armoire to make it look more shabby chic. Another shabby chic craft idea is to create an accessory holder using chicken wire. You can attach it to frames to hold jewelry or other accessories.

Besides using old furniture, you can also recycle old items. Old mason jars can be used as candle holders. You can also use old gravy ladles for tealight holders. The tutorials for these crafts can be found at myshabbystreamsidestudio. The blog Kammy’s Korner also has some great ideas for making rustic candle holders.

You can also add a shabby flower to many objects. Decorative dish towels, pillow covers, and curtain tie-backs can be adorned with shabby-chic flowers. You can even add one to your purse, belt, or scarf. It will be a great accent to your home.

A Retro Look to Any Room with Shabby Chic

Shabby chic crafts are easy to make and will add a retro look to any room. Wooden slices can be used to make trays, and a wooden slice can be turned into a charming centerpiece. You can learn how to make one from craftberrybush. French furniture decor has a traditional appeal, while shabby chic style combines a romantic, shabby-chic style with vintage materials.

Other shabby-chic craft ideas can include turning an old ladder into a gorgeous decoration. You can paint it gold and then decorate it with lace and other textural bits. This decor is perfect for a bedroom or an entryway. You can also add a picture frame jewelry organizer to a wall to add a shabby-chic feel to the room.

A shabby-chic home office can also be decorated with multiple colors. Pastel colors look great against a shabby-chic interior, but you should use bright colors sparingly. Too much color can create visual clutter. Also, consider using wall-mounted cabinets and smart shelves to keep the space organized.



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