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How to Create an Urban Farmhouse Style Home – If you want to create a warm, cozy look for your home, you can use textures. Throws and pillows with patterns can add warmth and texture. Rugs with global influences are also a great way to add texture to your home. Use a combination of materials and incorporate global elements to create a unique and cozy feel. The coffee table and rug shown in the image below are two examples of pieces that incorporate global influences. Incorporate pops of color, including white.

Unique Charm Style with Metal Usage

Another element that lends this style its unique charm is the use of metal. This material is used in several areas, including on the exterior of the house. It is also used for interior walls, such as corrugated metal wall panels. They were purchased at a local factory supply store. The home also features metal railings around upper-level patios.

The design of an urban farmhouse should be classic but updated. It should evoke images of farm life. It can be achieved using whitewashed wood and metal. It can also incorporate wrought iron and textured fabrics. The look is completed with a wooden-framed chandelier. Alternatively, you can use light features made of natural reclaimed wood or rope and twine.

Another piece of furniture that can lend to this look is the nightstand. A good nightstand is useful for many things, and it should be level or slightly higher than the mattress. The combination of wood and metal is also a great way to add character to an urban farmhouse-style bedroom. Wooden drawers also lend to the farmhouse ambiance.

A Mix of Trends with Comforting Style

The modern farmhouse style is a great choice if you’re looking for a space with more space. The main floor is spacious and open, with a mixture of traditional and contemporary trends. The interior includes many different spaces, which are carefully mixed with rustic wood and metal elements. It is also elevator capable. A stylish urban farmhouse will make you feel comfortable. You can also use white trim and stained wood for visual interest. You’ll be able to find many unique elements and accessories that complement the overall style of the house.

An example of a home with an urban farmhouse style can be found at 728 Ellsworth Street in Lancaster. This brick row home was built in 1918 but is decorated in a contemporary farmhouse style. The interior is framed by century-old live oak trees, yet the interior features a modern, clean look. The building itself is accessible through an antique brick pathway. The urban farmhouse style isn’t just for new construction, but it also works well for entertaining and everyday family living.

Interesting Reasons for Urban Farmhouse Design

One of the many reasons this style appeals to consumers is the ability to use recycled items. These items are eco-friendly and add character to your home. For example, a reclaimed wood and metal dining table looks great with a distressed-finish faux leather/wool dining chair. Edison-style hanging pendants set the mood. Exposed brick walls and black and white photography go well with this look.

The use of wood is another important element of an urban farmhouse design. While dark wood floors may not be for everyone, light wood floors are perfect for people who are fashionable. These types of wood also give you a barefoot feeling. The combination of wood and light fixtures gives your home a natural, wholesome look.



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