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How to Make a Charming Coastal Bedroom – A coastal bedroom is perfect for those who live near the ocean or the water. You can create this look by choosing a retro-style bed, using all white elements with pops of color in pillows, lamps, or carpets. You can also use light green or teal walls if you approach them in the right way. If you’re in love with color, then try using coral and yellow in the same room. These colors look great together.

Consider Choosing a Beach Inspired Painting or Two

Coastal bedrooms can be subtle, with a touch of ocean blue accents. While you don’t want to overwhelm your bedroom with blue paint or beach-themed accents, adding a framed ocean photo and some blue throw pillows can give your bedroom a nautical feel. A symmetrical layout is ideal for small bedrooms, and mirrored end tables keep the decor casual and simple. For a beachy feel, consider choosing a beach-inspired painting or two to hang on the walls.

Choosing nautical-themed bedding is another way to bring the look of the seashore to your bedroom. You can use seaside-themed pillows and another decor to give the room a seaside feel, but be careful because some of these items can be tacky. A more sophisticated look can be achieved by using layered textures and colors. A nautical-themed bedroom can also incorporate chunky ropes and nautical accents. To add a touch of modernity, a dresser can be embellished with fish-artwork or a framed anchor.

Helping Create an Island Style

To complete your coastal bedroom, opt for a white bed with a seaside feel. Draping adds romance, and coral sconces can bring the beach vibe. While a coastal bedroom may be more casual, it’s definitely still a romantic and inviting space. Whether you want to create a beach house or a more modern style, choose a bed that’s comfortable and won’t make you tired of it.

Accent and task lighting help create an island-style feel, while natural elements are the best accents. Try pairing a glass lamp with a thematic chandelier. Try avoiding bold statement lamps against the bossy chandelier or eye rest. Soft wood tones are another key element in coastal decorating. These warm tones create a tranquil haven and suggest the passing of time. This way, your coastal bedroom won’t feel like a time machine.

Adding Soft, Soothing Neutrals

If you don’t like bright colors, you can try incorporating more neutrals into your bedroom. Colors that are soft and soothing will work best for a coastal bedroom. Choose a color palette that’s more calming and less energetic than bright colors, and be sure to match your paint scheme with the rugs. Then, you can add paintings of a beach scene, seascape, or ocean. You can also add colorful beach paintings on your wall to create a focal point and flow in the bedroom.

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