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Five Examples of Black Mirror Design

DeeahZone.comThe acclaimed British television show Black Mirror is riding a wave of popularity in the United States since debuting on Netflix in December. Its genius lies in the way it makes dystopias seem like familiar worlds. Most of the show’s designs are the work of a single designer, Joel Collins, of Painting Practice. He explains how the show’s design is both complex and intimate. Here are five examples of Black Mirror design.

Durable ceramic enameled interior

Luxurious Black Mirror design. Touch display for easy use and Hohenstein Institute approval. Durable ceramic enamel interior and hygienic sanitary surface. Eco Mode saves 40% power when in standby. It features 7 times more scratch-resistant and rust-resistant interior. The hygienic interior is also scratch and rust-resistant. The Samsung microwaves also have an Eco Mode that uses up to 40% less power while in standby.

Residential-inspired furniture and decorations are used throughout the room

The Honeywell Round-slash-Nest appeared as the dating interface for Amy and Frank in the Black Mirror episode “Hang the DJ.” Dwell-inspired furniture and decor were used throughout. Amy and Frank, a pair of algorithm-crossed lovers, were doomed by their love-machine. Both were doomed to meet cute but bad dates. The two began every date at a Saarinen-inspired restaurant. The seating arrangement was round, a nod to the circular shape of the dial. The circular tables and banquettes also evoked the circular shape of digital buttons.

Black Museum looks like a crime museum

The premise of Black Mirror is not completely new, but the show’s use of technology has inspired its designs for interior and exterior spaces. Black is the symbol of Team WANG. Similarly, the Black Museum looks like a crime museum, where visitors explore the worst impulses of humanity. It explores voyeurism, feeding off the suffering of others, and the use of technology in the context of the home. A Black Mirror Design piece, whether real or imaginary, can be a fascinating look at the future.

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