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Urban Outfitters 401(k) Savings Plan – The chain was founded in 1976 by Belair Hayne, who later went on to work on Wall Street. In 1979, Hayne expanded his store to include glassware and changed its name to Urban Outfitters. He incorporated the business and branched out into new markets, including Chicago and San Francisco. In 1980, he opened a second store near several colleges in Los Angeles. The business grew significantly, and the company has grown to over 50 stores worldwide.

Urban Outfitters operate two chains: Terrain and BHLDN

In addition to clothing, Urban Outfitters sells home furnishings, electronics, and gifts. These items are all aimed at young adults. The retail division of the company offers apparel, intimates, swimwear, and other lifestyle products for men and women. Moreover, the company also sells hand-picked vintage clothing and home furnishings. Among its products are shoes, watches, and even music. Among its many retailers, Urban Outfitters operates two chains: Terrain and BHLDN. Each has a distinctive aesthetic and style.

The Urban Outfitters 401(k) Savings Plan offers full and part-time U.S. employees the opportunity to contribute to their 401(k) plan after six months of employment. The Company matches up to $0.25 for each dollar an employee contributes. Employee contributions are 100% vested. Once a participant has completed the program, the matching contribution vests at 20% annually. This allows a young person to build a strong foundation for a long and fulfilling career in retail.

The UO website does not mention labor rights

While UO has a reputation for providing comfortable clothing and accessories for a trendy, modern lifestyle, it’s not a 100% ethical brand. The company has a history of ignoring labour rights and exploitation in its supply chain. The UO website contains no mention of labour rights, which are vital to the company’s business model. It has scored ‘Not Good Enough’ on the People and the Animals score. Despite its commitment to responsible manufacturing practices, the brand doesn’t trace its animal products from their first stage of production. Therefore, the company cannot guarantee the welfare of its workers.

Urban Outfitters is an American fashion chain that sells affordable clothing to young adults. The company’s website refers to its customers as hipsters living in urban areas. The company draws customers by presenting an image that has carefully curated antics and a glossy brand persona. Unlike most companies in the industry, Urban Outfitters’ business model is not easy to replicate. It is more about marketing strategy than about clothing. However, Urban Outfitters’ success largely depends on its image.

Mr. Bodzy is a director of Bare Escentuals, Inc., and Tory Burch, Inc

Bodzy joined Urban Outfitters in December 1997. He was later named Secretary of the company in February 1999. Before joining Urban Outfitters, he served as Vice President of Service Merchandise Company, Inc. in various corporate areas, including legal affairs. Mr. Bodzy started his career in the retail industry working for Bloomingdale’s and later served as Managing Director of Bloomingdale’s By Mail. He serves as a director of Bare Escentuals, Inc., and Tory Burch, Inc.

In 2007, Urban Outfitters and Anthropology experienced comparable store net sales declines. Free People, on the other hand, grew comparable store net sales by 11.5% and 12.4%, respectively. Meanwhile, Urban Outfitters saw a slight decrease in sales, falling 7.2%. This is a disappointing trend for both brands. However, the trend towards online retail continues to strengthen, with many shoppers choosing to purchase clothes online. The rise of online shopping has created an increasingly competitive marketplace for clothing and accessories.



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