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Design Ideas For a Stunning Small Coastal Bathroom

deeahzone.comThe stunning small Coastal Bathroom Design is becoming increasingly popular in today’s market. It is becoming more evident how the market is becoming more consumer focused on quality products, especially when it comes to bathroom design. Many home owners are now looking for a bathroom design that will fit into their budget but also to be stylish and modern.

Things that must be considered when designing a bathroom

When designing your very own private bathroom, it pays to consider your personal tastes and desires. A very common design these days is the coastal theme. This style encompasses a vast choice of tiles, color schemes, faucets and fittings. As with any design though, there are many considerations to be made. Let us take a closer look at some of these.

Firstly, you need to think about the bathroom furniture. Will it be installed on the floor? If so will it be in a place where it will not cause discomfort or hinder movement? Ideally the top of the bathroom will be free standing or hung from the ceiling so that it does not interfere with passing water.

Stainless has practical feel

Nowadays, stainless steel is the hottest metal on the market. However if money is an issue then you could opt for copper. There is a great range of designs available. Stainless has a practical feel while copper has a rustic, earthy feel to it.

If you are working with a limited budget then you can make the most of your bathroom by finding inspiration from magazines and books. Look for inspiration for the color scheme and the overall theme of your bathroom. Many people choose bright colors such as red and orange, which pop with any theme. The range of bathrooms available in colors such as these are endless.

Wallpaper is very popular in modern era for ultra chic bathroom design

Another way of customizing your bathroom is to install wallpaper. This is particularly popular in the modern era of ultra chic bathroom design. There are many companies that supply large volumes of custom wallpapers. You can print out pictures of your own home and have them laminated. Custom wallpapers should be water proof and in a very reasonable price range.

When considering flooring you need to think about the general design of your bathroom. Will it be placed in a sun room or over a window? Will it be made of hardwood, ceramic, slate or linoleum? Consider the frequency of use of the bathroom and the effect it would have on your family.

Tips for setting up bathroom lighting

Finally on a decoration stand are lighting options. If your aim is to create an intimate bathroom then you should choose candles with minimal light. If you want a dramatic mood then try electric candle sconces.

A small vanity table and basin will complete the look. If it is in the corner of the room to add some plants and flowers. Plants such as geraniums and orchids work well with seaside themes. Geraniums also look good in a terracotta pot.

Storage units are the solution for cramped bathrooms

If your bathroom is long and narrow, make sure you include storage in your design. You can easily do this by buying storage units at your local store. A storage unit can be fixed against the wall and used to keep towels, robes and other items in place. In the same way you could add a cupboard under the sink. This can be used for storage of toiletries or other items.

Think about window coverings and curtains. A beach theme requires curtains in dark colors. These curtains can be printed or embroidered to match your room’s colors. Blinds are another option but be careful with dark ones as they are harder to see in the bathroom. Light colored blinds on the other hand make the room look bigger. Consider the brightness and design of your bathroom furniture and lighting before selecting curtains or blinds.

The positioning of your bathroom mirror is very important. It needs to be in the easy-access area of the bathroom. This will make it easier for you to adjust your makeup and take a quick shower or bath.



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