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Tips on Creating a Coastal Family Room Style – Coastal family room in modern view is almost a dream. You have to balance the bright, open space with wood accents, light with dark, and each color scheme without being too over the top. In coastal style, light colors like orange, red and yellow dominate the room. Dark colors are usually kept to a minimum, such as black, gray and brown. The furnishings, accessories and even the color of your walls all have to match.

Creating a Coastal Family Room

A coastal family room usually consists of one large living area (the dining room) and two smaller ones, one in the middle of the room the other on the side. The dining area has a raised platform above the dining table where family members can talk. On this platform you can have two sectionals or just a sofa. Two sectionals will make the room feel like it’s bigger than it is.

A great way to create the look of a coastal family room is to use painted wood furniture instead of metal. If you can’t afford to buy new furniture go for reclaimed wood. This will be lighter in color and will allow you to paint it in a lighter shade of your desired color. Another way to create the look of a coastal family room is to paint the wood with gray or black. This will give the room a more aged look.

Another great idea for a coastal family room is to use two sectionals. Install a platform bed with a comfortable mattress on one sectional and a chair on the other. This gives the appearance of two individual beds, which makes the space feel like two individual rooms. If you really want to get the look of two separate rooms then you can install a chaise lounge across from the bedroom on one sectional and a footstool on the other. This will give the appearance of a sleeping lounge. You could also install shelves in the bedroom and put a table with a glass top on the other side of the room.

The Right Accessories and Colors for a Coastal Living Room

For a coastal family room the color scheme should be very basic. The room will need to have a rug on the floor in an ocean theme. Choose a light color such as cream or beige and do your best to choose the same color scheme on your rugs as you would on your couch and your draperies and walls. The accessories and the colors in your room should all coordinate with your rug and your draperies. You can add a sail cloth or a family photo on the wall if you wish.

You can bring this coastal family room to life by adding photos and art to your walls and by choosing accessories that are similar to your homes. Consider having framed art and photographs on your dining room table. You might also frame a picture of your family or the kids playing. You can display your favorite sea animals around the room. You may want to add sea shells, anchors and starfish to your beach house, so it looks as if it is a lost ship on the beach.

Adding a Matching Ottoman to a Coastal Living Room

You might want to add a small table to your coastal family room, one that complements a sofa or a coffee table. You will want to use a contrasting color for this area, such as cream, or off-white. A matching Ottoman will be a nice addition, especially if you have a console table. A matching Ottoman will make it easier for your guests to get in and out of the sofa.

The next step is to accessorize your coastal family room style. You can buy or create baskets for your coffee tables and sectional sofas with brightly colored coordinating bags. Artful coordinating paint colors for your walls and your furnishings, whether they are made of wood or upholstered, will complete your informal look.



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