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Brighten Up Your Small Industrial Bedroom –┬áThe small industrial bedroom is often a room where you’ll often see a variety of different finishes being thrown into the mix; not only color but also texture. As you design for more space-friendly features, you have to find a perfect balance between those varied elements. When you think about large industrial furniture, you immediately think about sturdiness. But that’s not necessarily the case when you are designing for a small industrial bedroom. In fact, you can easily create a cozy and charming atmosphere with some beautiful furniture. You want to pay close attention to detail so that there’s nothing crampy or distasteful in your small industrial bedroom, but you also want it to be a room that exudes functionality.

Combining Some of the More Popular Designs

Your small bedroom can incorporate some of the more popular designs from the mid-century. Mid-century modern furniture allows you to expose the clean lines and crisp design of the pieces. It gives you a clean modern look without being clunky. This style often exposes stainless steel appliances and flat-panel televisions with arms on each side of the cabinet.

A metal side table lamp can add a nice touch to a compact bedroom. You can create a very welcoming environment in your small industrial bedroom. Using a metal side table lamp with a red brick wall that is tastefully painted will create a stunning look. Your guests will be impressed by this unique bedroom design and the fact that it will exude an air of energy.

If you want a masculine effect in your small bedroom, you can simply accent the masculine features of your wood desk with wrought iron accent pieces. This can provide you with both a masculine and feminine touch. A feminine table lamp with a carved feminine figure and wrought iron accents can be hung above your metal side table. You can also use this same style on your bedside table.

Small Industrial Bedroom Decorating Tips

Contemporary paintings can brighten up small industrial bedrooms. Modern paintings on canvas are perfect for decorating your small bedroom. They will provide a fresh look and allow you to expose the clean lines and geometric design of the pieces. Art Deco lighting is another way to make your bedroom come alive. Using recessed lighting to spotlight a painting adds a soft glow that makes the painting pop. Painted white ceilings in these types of bedrooms are very popular and look great.

Wall panels and steel made shelves can add storage and functional space to an industrial bedroom. You can keep most anything inside a steel cabinet and use it to store linens or clothes. Make sure the cabinet is made from the appropriate material to hold the items you want to keep organized. Use wall stickers to label each compartment on the wall and paint the cabinet the color of your choice. Sand the edges of the cabinet door so it will match the rest of the room.

Adding Stylish Lighting To Your Bedroom

Adding lighting to your bedroom can bring it to life. To do this, you can combine one or more styles of lighting. You can expose all of the walls to give your room a shaded effect or use just one exposed panel for a warm glow. You can also combine accent lamps in your bedroom to highlight a piece or accent a painting. If you have a desk with a bookcase, you could match the lamp shade to the shade on the bookcase.

Creating small industrial bedrooms doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are inspired by the style of contemporary interior design or you have a small budget, there are many ways to brighten up the industrial style of the bedroom. Using colors, textures and light you can make your small room come alive like a studio.



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