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How to Achieve the Modern Look in Your Small Kitchen –┬áThe small modern kitchen has its origins in the mid-19th century when small modern houses were being built on small-area plots. As the houses got smaller, people needed to improvise a little to make their homes stylish and comfortable, and kitchens were an important part of that. With a combination of sleek oak wood and matte black floors, this modern galley kitchen is a true poster-child of this small classic styling and contemporary charm of mid-Century modern kitchens. This small modern kitchen taps directly on the vintage-inspired style since it makes use of square paneled wooden cabinets with ornate copper-sponsored knobs. Accompanying the elegant design are simple but elegant floor-to-ceiling windows, which make this small modern kitchen come alive with natural light and spacious ideas.

Modern Style Small Kitchen Accessories

If you think that small modern kitchen won’t have sufficient storage space for your appliances and other kitchen items, think again. This kitchen style has all the contemporary design essentials, including full stainless steel sinks, open shelves and under-counter cupboards. Not only this, but you can also opt for glass-front cabinets to add to the contemporary look. Moreover, you can also get these kitchen accessories in different colors to match your home interiors. The galley style of this small kitchen also lends a warm ambiance to it; a perfect setting for family dinners and simple family gatherings.

This small kitchen style is inspired by the natural light cabinets, which play an integral role in any open plan kitchen. Since natural light provides a natural feel and a homey ambience, such cabinet design is quite popular. Such galley kitchen designs with open shelf drawers are the most popular variety among home-owners.


You can have full stainless steel under-counter drawers and open shelf cabinets store your small appliances. In addition, stainless steel and glass modular cabinets can be combined to create a beautiful and sleek modernistic look. On the other hand, you can also get under-counter and wall-mounted stainless steel cupboards to utilize the space in your small dining area.

Modern Design that Fits and Efficiently

The modern design with small kitchen cabinets also comes with an efficient kitchen island. You can utilize this island to prepare food or carry out minor kitchen tasks easily. The island can be customized according to your own choice and fits perfectly in your small dining area. It can also be converted into a breakfast nook with an oven, microwave and built-in cupboard.

Other small dining area enhancements include built-in microwave, built-in baker’s rack and a built-in small oven with chimney. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, wood, granite and tile. A galley kitchen island can be a small kitchen improvement that makes a statement of style and functionality.

Benefits of Having a Small Kitchen Gallery

Galley Kitchen Uses Small galley kitchen uses the most essential areas of your kitchen: the top and bottom, and the back of the stove. These areas are great for any kitchen remodel because they are small and space-saving. They are ideal for storage but can also serve as work stations for your small kitchen. With cabinets and countertops being customized to fit your specifications, you get the benefits of having a contemporary kitchen without compromising on design.

You also get more counter space than you do with a standard cabinet. There are different styles of cabinets in stainless steel, wood, granite and tile and they all offer sleek contemporary designs and modern look. For the walls, you can use laminate or painted wood to achieve a look that is unique to you. You can add small shelves below the cabinets and have a modern look that works well with appliances, pots and pans, small refrigerators and dishwashers.



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