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Gorgeous Industrial Home Decoration –┬áThe sleek modern aesthetic and clean lines of industrial home decoration can be just what you need. Other of common hallmarks of industrial home interior design are bare or exposed brick walls, sturdy solid materials such as wood and metal shelving, and efficiently functional industrial items such as plumbing pipes. Interior wall coverings are generally bare or light, with white or beige wallpaper and bare floors or carpet. Formal bedrooms might have a formal white bedspread on a cream linen comforter and matching upholstered furniture.

Industrial Home Decoration Ideas

An industrial home offers the opportunities to combine your decorating ideas with those of the company whose products are being used. For example, an oil refinery might choose to implement sharp, clean lines with exposed brick and dark colors. Refineries in urban areas could use bright colors coordinated with welded wire and barbed wire shelving. In contrast, a manufacturing plant’s look could be more crude, with exposed reds, yellows, blacks, and grays. The industrial home decor used by these companies would include many of the same elements.

The look of industrial home design can emphasize strength and functionality, or it can emphasize a simple, clean presence. There is no shortage of examples of industrial home design. One example is the steel and concrete grain elevator that sits out in the yard of a commercial building, serving only food products to the maintenance crew and occasional employees. It has clean, uncluttered lines of white and beige fabric paneling on metal girders and steel panels, with colorful posters of chickens or other farm animals on the wall. This elevator is so appropriate for the modern corporate office complex that overlooks the street, but it fits well with the more classic, homey style of residential home design.

Mid-century modern homes are often built with exposed ductwork, but there are industrial designs that do not have this problem. A simple example is the loft extension that was recently completed in the trendy Columbia, SC area. The exterior is finished in brick and has exposed ductwork running through the rafters and into the interior. The interior features clean lines, with stainless steel appliances on white, gray, or beige fabrics.

Characteristics of Houses with the Best Industrial Designs

If you go to an industrial set, you will find exposed beams on the ceiling, visible only from the roof. This makes the home seem like it is in a factory. The exposed beams on the floor also lend the illusion that the home is cramped for space. One big difference between a typical home and an industrial workplace is the type of flooring materials used. In an industrial setting, floors are made from concrete and are not the traditional wood or carpet flooring seen in a typical home.

One industrial style feature that is common in lofts is wall panels made from either glass or metal. In these units, there is no visible flooring; instead, partitions are built up against each other in the walls are painted the same color as the ceilings. Typical industrial-style walls will have concrete walls and windows. The industrial style may also have exposed ductwork running throughout the walls and ceilings, but this is not typical to what you would find in a typical home design. In some cases, walls are painted a lighter color than the ceilings so that they seem to be floating above the floor.

Popular Industrial Design Advantages

Other industrial designs include outdoor sitting areas that have picnic tables and furniture. The industrial style design may also include covered outdoor sun rooms where you can relax with a cold drink while enjoying the beauty of nature. Outdoor furniture is a popular choice for industrial design because it requires minimal maintenance. It is made from plastic, aluminum, or metal, and is easy to move around without tools or expensive repairs.

Industrial furniture is often simple, but it can be decorated in several ways. One way to decorate industrial furniture is to complement it with modern lighting. Since industrial-style furniture is typically not exposed to moisture or air, the lighting must reflect that. You can get great lighting by purchasing industrial-style cabinets, racks, desks, shelves, or tubs of paint that match the color of the walls and the furniture. You can even use fluorescent lights or mirrors that reflect the light from the ceiling back onto the furniture to add extra depth to your decor.



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