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Add Some Color To Your Kitchen With an Eclectic Kitchen – If you want to be bold and break from the norm in your home, an eclectic kitchen design is a great option for you. Generally, these are kitchens that leverage style in such a way that is not typical or customary. The photo to the right depicts one element of an eclectic kitchen. This eclectic space has incorporated yellow wall tiles, black cabinets, and stone countertops in an unusual manner.

Creating an Authentic Kitchen Feel

Your new kitchen can be truly eclectic if you choose a different wallpaper and paint color for every room! In this case, your kitchen will look like an eclectic hodgepodge of various cultures. Let’s say you have a cabin that looks very rustic. You can create your kitchen by incorporating various southwestern touches such as southwest wallpaper, potted herbs on your hanging spice rack, and use warm browns and burnt orange as your base color. Add to these Southwestern-inspired elements such as a rustic wooden bar set with custom metal serving bowls, lots of ceramic pottery, and large wooden floor tiles and you have created an authentic and unique kitchen feel.

The walls in your kitchen need to be inviting. If your walls are painted a harsh color such as red, chances are your guests will feel disoriented when they enter. You can brighten your walls in your eclectic kitchen by choosing colors that work well together such as orange and lime green. To create a more neutral look, use colors on your countertop such as coral, off-white, or beige. Using off-white countertops with a cream accent wall color or coral countertops with a gold accent wall color can work well.

Arrange Good Cooking Utensils

Another thing you can do to create an eclectic kitchen is to place your cookware in areas that don’t relate to the rest of the room. For example, if your cookware is all on the same prominent surface, such as your kitchen table, then place all your dishes on a countertop or island that has no other uses. Place any cooking utensils you usually use on your island. Placing a dish rack near your sink can also help to distribute your dishes for easier access. A simple dish rack above your sink can also work well, since it will add height to the countertop and visually bridge the space.

Since the kitchen cabinets play a large role in the overall look and feel of your kitchen, it’s important that you pick the right colors for your cabinets. You may find that choosing blues or greens will add too much light and color and distract from the atmosphere you’re trying to create. If you have small walls, then go with darker shades of those colors. Likewise, if you have very large walls, then going with light or white colors will make your counters and cabinets seem even larger. When it comes to cabinet colors in an eclectic kitchen, the key is to pick something that ties the entire look together. If you paint one cabinet different than all the others, it can give a nice visual flow to the room.

Tips for Choosing Tiles with Classic Features

One of the classic features of an eclectic kitchen is tiled. It can be hard to pick the right tiles for this theme, but you can try to focus on what type of material will fit best into your overall design. Natural stone such as granite and limestone are a great choice because they are both very neutral and easy to match with a wide variety of other pieces. However, there are also a lot of natural materials that would look great as accessories. Slate and ceramic tiles would be a good example of this.

Another hallmark of an eclectic kitchen is the use of stainless steel. In many cases, a stainless-steel countertop is the only piece of metal in this style of kitchen. This allows homeowners to get a sleek, modern look without spending a fortune. Some homeowners even choose to go with a brushed nickel finish on their stainless steel appliances, as this adds a little more elegance to a kitchen setting.

Many of the textures and colors found in this type of design are considered to be casual, chic, and a bit edgy. Some of the best materials and features include subway tiles, granite, and limestone countertops. The backsplash is where the ideas really start to take off, with tile, stencils, and textured paint all being used to create interesting patterns and designs. From simple sets to bold, geometric creations, the backsplash of your eclectic kitchen will likely be something that is special to you.



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