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Walkout Basement Designs – Why You Should Consider Walkout Basement Designs – If you are hoping to create an interesting living space in your home, consider turning your traditional basement into something spectacular. If you would like to create a romantic feel, make sure you choose carefully the colors you use for the walls and ceiling. Neutral walls allow fine colors on the floor, furniture, and artwork to really stand out. A warm, dark and earthy flooring design can be just the right compliment! And using a custom paint palette will help you create the perfect traditional basement for you!

Using a Traditional Brick Fireplace

If you enjoy the feel of traditional flooring styles – laminate, tile, carpet, hardwood, and linoleum floors – but would also like to add some character to your space, consider a traditional fireplace or stone fireplace surround. These items will add warmth to the room. If you love the look of a brick fireplace, choose a traditional brick fireplace surround that complements your existing flooring. Bricks are perfect for creating a natural-looking fireplace surround. And if you choose a traditional fireplace surrounded by a glass front, you will be able to enjoy the warm glow of a traditional fire at night.

In traditional basements, the walls are normally made of concrete, but in walkout basements, they can be made of stone, tile, or other material. If you prefer traditional basements run the risk of increasing the cost of your home. However, stone or tile walls provide a rich and rugged feeling, which is very appealing to homeowners.

Walkout Basement Color Ideas

When choosing what materials to use in your walkout basement, the color and pattern of the walls are very important. In many traditional basements, the walls are painted white or beige. While this is fine if you want to keep your basement uncluttered and simple, in areas where it receives heavy foot traffic, it will make your basement feel claustrophobic. In addition to painting the walls a color that matches your flooring, the pattern should also match your furniture. If you have a lot of leather furniture or antiques, go with a pattern that complements them.

The roof of your walkout basement will need to match the rest of your house. In many cases, the roof is made from concrete, while in others it will be made from ceramic tile. If your roof is made from concrete, consider having a polyethylene cover installed over it to protect it from moisture. On the other hand, if your roof is made from ceramic tile, adding insulation to your attic will prevent heat loss in the winter and keep your heating costs down. Natural light is another important factor in your basement design.

Many walkout basements are located near a fire escape. Make sure that any door leading to the basement has good seals so water will not cause problems in the future. Also, check for dampness on the inside of doors leading to the basement. The dampness will likely attract mold, which is not good for you or your family.

Natural Lighting Walkout Basement Design

Another feature that many people do not consider when designing a walkout basement is the lighting. Lighting is vital when you are trying to save on electricity. The traditional type of lighting is not very efficient and consumes a lot of energy. However, there are several types of lighting designed specifically for walkout basements. Most include natural daylight, low voltage lighting, and energy-efficient bulbs.

If you have a large budget, there is another option that is becoming more popular in walkout basements: insulation. Insulation will keep your basement cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In addition to this, it will also make your home more comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling costs. Insulation should be installed by a professional if you are attempting to do it yourself. Your local heating and cooling company can give you a recommendation as to who the best insulators are.



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