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Industrial Design Themes in Industrial Family Room Decor – Welcome to the second collection in the series of industrial family room interior design themes that have given a name to over 15 awe-inspired creative themes to inspire you. In this second set, you’ll be presented with several beautiful, unique industrial family room design concepts that come from a variety of residential homes and lofts from all types of locations. This collection is meant to inspire you to look beyond the standard styles that most people are used to when designing and redecorating their living spaces. Instead, it will motivate you to think outside the box and really create a unique space for your family’s entertainment needs and ultimate comfort and enjoyment. Here are some concepts to get you started.

Industrial Design with Shabby Chic Theme

The Shabby chic theme is ideal for industrial-style rooms that are lacking in style but still need to have that industrial appeal. Shabby chic lends itself to a variety of paint colors and textures to achieve an atmosphere that is airy. When paired with distressed industrial paint, this particular industrial design theme can be further accented with vintage signs and other period details. Accented accessories like wire rims on chairs or distressed wood flooring can give the industrial design a rustic feel that is perfect for those people who like to feel as though they are in an old-fashioned barn.

Another industrial design theme that would look great in an industrial setting is the graffiti wall. Graffiti walls can be either created by using stencils or paint. The effect is amazing as it is unique and fun. Some individuals would use this theme to add a dose of urban styling to their industrial area. It would definitely add a unique flavor to an industrial space, especially if elements of urban styling are integrated into it.

Tips for Making a More Modern Living Room

Vinyl lettering can create a very appealing industrial design element. Large letters that spell out names or specific phrases can help make a family or office space appear more sophisticated and modern. These types of elements can be used to accent specific areas of the family area such as the kitchen or dining area. Smaller letters that spell out words or a specific phrase can be used on items like television sets, computers, etc.

Adding a wall mural can also be an effective way to incorporate an industrial design theme. A mural can cover an entire wall or part of it. If several smaller murals are used, the industrial design can be applied to several different sections of one large mural. There are numerous styles of wall murals that can be used for industrial design themes. Wall murals are often applied in a wide variety of industrial settings. In fact, some individuals like to use them for recreational purposes as well.

Wall decor with photos can be a fun way to incorporate an industrial design theme. The photos can be arranged in a collage-type format. Textured wallpaper borders can create the illusion of texture, creating a unique and interesting theme.

Best Idea of Creating Rustic Industrial Design

Adding touches like metal inserts or wall anchors can complete the look. Wall decor with a metal insert is a perfect addition to this theme. Such accessories create a rustic, industrial design feel. Wall anchors can add an additional dimension to this industrial design theme. The addition of such decorative touches can be done throughout the room to create a uniform look. This is also an ideal way to enhance the architectural lines of the home.

Adding a play of light and shadow can complete the industrial design theme. Soft lighting placed on a bright base creates a cozy, comfortable family room. Darker shadows enhance the industrial design theme in the room. Using contrasting colors, the dark elements can be blended into the lighter background. Incorporating various textures, this design can even be applied to a smaller space.



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