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A Small Industrial Dining Room Will Look Great in Your Home –┬áThe small industrial dining room is just as lovely as any larger dining area, but it does need a great deal more care. For starters, be sure the room is fairly small and evenly lighted. Next, consider opening up the small industrial dining room onto the kitchen or living area next door in order to accent the beauty of this small area. By doing so you will create a three dimensional view. This will enhance the beauty and overall “pop” of your small industrial dining room.

How to Decorate an Industrial Dining Room

The first thing that you should do is to consider how you are going to decorate your small industrial dining room. If you have created a themed gallery, this can really add to the beauty of your small dining room and make it feel even more like a gallery. For example, if your theme is inspired by clocks and watches you could paint one wall in a white base color and the other walls in various color tones that mirror each other. Adding photos of clocks and antique-looking watches in different frames will really enhance the look of your industrial gallery.

Another way you can make the most out of your industrial dining room is by purchasing suitable tablecloths and place mats. Tablecloths are not only functional, they also create a visual connection between your dining room and your other rooms throughout your home. Place mats are another way you can create a similar effect. They will help to protect your table and your other furnishings against spills and dirt while also making the floor seem cleaner.

Decorate the Dining Room Walls with Beautiful Colors

When it comes to wall coverings, there are a few things to keep in mind. The walls of your small industrial dining room should be painted in one of the various colors that you have chosen for the overall theme of your home. If you are inspired by clocks and watches, choose designs that are similar to those in your other living areas. If you are inspired by antiques, choose wallpaper that is antique looking or opt for paint with a neutral color. Keep in mind that your walls will most likely be exposed to a lot of sunlight so make sure they have appropriate blinds and other materials that will help to block out the sun and keep your walls comfortable.

Lighting is very important in any style of interior design. If your industrial dining room has a dark green floor, you may want to consider using track lighting or halogen lighting instead of using fluorescent lights. Track lighting is ideal for small spaces because it creates the illusion of many small rooms interconnected through the use of a long track. Halogen lighting is typically used in larger rooms because it produces very accurate light that is task specific. It is more suited to larger spaces, but can still create an elegant effect in a small industrial dining room.

Tips for Organizing Dining Room Lighting

Your dining room will also need gallery style lighting to help tie together the various elements from your other furnishings and art pieces. Typically you will find that a gallery style fixture will hang above a counter or island in the center of the room. This type of light fixture will add depth and style to your small industrial dining room without overpowering the space. In fact, you may actually find that it enhances the look of the room rather than competing with it.

Because your dining room will be small and you will want to draw attention to your work area, the style of your lighting should complement the industrial style. For example, a chandelier in your dark green tablecloth will add a sense of formality to the room while a small fixture over top of a wrought iron chair will give it a country feel. You may also choose to add a small glass coffee table to the mix. This will take up space on one side of the gallery style fixture while making a streamlined focal point in the center of the room. You could even use the same fixture as the chandelier to hang a small photo in your wall at the same time that you display your stunning wine collection!

While the styles of fixtures and lights are out of this article, you will quickly find that there is a perfect fit for your small industrial space. Whether you choose to go with a modern fixture or something with a little more vintage appeal, you will have a perfect room that will not only look great but work great as well. The beauty is that this room can work for any budget because of its small size and versatility. It is no wonder that so many restaurant owners and small kitchen owners turn to these galleries for their dining rooms!



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