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Mid Century Modern Apartment Renovation – When one speaks of a mid-century modern apartment, what one tends to speak of spaces which have been planned and conceptualized with the utmost of care and sincerity – a kind of art work done in haste to make something fresh. And one might be right too. There is an undeniable aura of freshness about these apartments; it is almost as if they were sculpted out of the very essence of modern living, with all its trappings of convenience and affluence.

Mid-century Modern Apartment Interior Design

These mid-century modern apartments are certainly not your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter concrete structures. Quite the opposite, in fact, as much a creative architect or interior designer would argue, they are unique, even exemplary pieces of architectural form. This kind of architecture is often associated with certain distinct stylistic choices; for example, minimalism. However, in the case of the mid-century modern apartment, there is more to say about angles, shapes, and patterns, rather than about the concrete itself.

So let’s begin with the very basics. In order to gain a better understanding of the concept, the mid-century modern apartment is usually conceptualized as being a contemporary interpretation of what a conventional apartment could look like. However, it goes beyond that: it takes modern contemporary applications to a new level, where the building is fully capable of recreating some of the more classic and classical architectures from the past, like the Edwardian or Victorian styles. It is also not an exaggeration to say that these modern interpretations do in fact resemble, what I call the timeless styles – because they at least try to remain true to certain fundamental forms and structures.

Mid-Century Modern Apartment Basic Layout

For example, the basic layout of a mid-century modern apartment will most likely be one that is composed of a single unit, with two or more units having their own unique floor plans. This is not a coincidence. In fact, a lot of research has been carried out in order to create the more common geometric forms and shapes that are typical of the more classical periods. As for the materials used, they tend to be either solid wood or perhaps pressed wood, depending on the taste of the individual homeowner. But no matter what the material is, wood has a way of coming alive in different ways, thanks to its multi-faceted properties. For example, Timothy woods have extremely high resistance towards the fire and other kinds of damage, thanks to a certain particular type of chemical treatment that gives Timothy its golden brown color.

Another very important characteristic of Timothy wood as a material for a mid-century modern apartment is its flexibility. The reason for this is the fact that it was developed in such a way that it is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, but also resistant against the impact of sharp objects. Needless to say, this feature is especially important if the apartment is situated in an area surrounded by trees or mountains. This will ensure that the apartment will not get damaged by any sudden storms, which can be quite frequent in such places. If you were to move into a house in the city, you will find that Timothy will work very well in a contemporary setup. The reason for this is that contemporary houses tend to be built in a less uniform way.

Mid-Century Modern Apartment Color Selection

Mid-century modern apartments usually feature a rather uniform color scheme. This uniformity comes about thanks to the widespread use of white Timothy. The reason for this is that it goes very well with virtually all kinds of colored wall paints, since it is simply a question of personal taste as to whether you want your living room to be a rainbow of colors or perhaps a white and cream. White, on the other hand, tends to be associated with simplicity and cleanliness, so it does make the perfect backdrop for white walls.

As previously mentioned, the furniture and interior decorations featured in mid-century contemporary homes are characterized by a certain monotony. The exception is made, however, by the unusual use of materials in the form of metal curved seats on the lounge chairs and armless coffee tables. By the traditional forms of chairs and tables such as the arm chair, the mid-century modern apartment gives the impression that the home is more ‘organic’ than its conventional counterparts. This effect is achieved thanks to the use of photographs and images of nature and people as a means of imparting to the interiors of some of the basic human qualities.

It is possible to transform the look of your home with the help of the tips and advice that have been given throughout this article. By combining the tips and ideas given and applying them to the various components of the interiors and exteriors of your home, you will achieve a transformation that adds a new lease of life to the space. A well-designed renovation and by keeping in mind the factors mentioned in the previous section, you will be able to accomplish a mid-century contemporary look that not only refreshes but also impresses. The end result will be the creation of a space that is comfortable, stylish, attractive and, most importantly, a space that reflects your own personal sense of style.



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