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10 Lovely Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Deeahzone.comSmall shabby chic bedroom style is just one of the perfect elements to create a vintage atmosphere in your living room. The effect can be achieved by simply adding a small shabby chic furniture piece or two. I love vintage furniture; however, its very small sizes. Larger pieces are so delicate that they can get easily banged and damaged. For example, an antique vase could be so delicate that it could literally break if you drop it with even the slightest provocation. It’s best to keep these kinds of delicate objects as displayed ornaments to minimize their risk of damage.

Small Shabby Chic Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Other bedroom decor ideas for small shabby chic bedroom decor ideas would be to add old photographs, needlepoint blankets, and needlepoint pillows. To complete this look, you can purchase vintage lace or rugs. Look out for those that have an antique look to them. This can also give a unique dimension to your living space. By giving it that little bit of an aged look, you will evoke nostalgia when you walk into your bedroom.

I find shabby chic bedroom decoration ideas by looking through antique stores, flea markets, or second hand shops. When choosing a focal point or a main color, try to match it with a piece of furniture that has a similar color or texture. For example, a light blue bed with a deep purplish accent is a great match with a blue accent chair. Alternatively, for an all-white room, a small rug that has an antique or rusted look about it would be a good addition. In fact, any piece of furniture that drapes or has knobs with decorative designs on it could also be used as a decoration.

Beautiful Small Flower Design on the Wall

Floral prints and floral fabrics are great additions to any home decor. You can easily replicate this in a shabby chic bathroom by purchasing an old and worn flower vase or some cheap lace fabric and placing it on a shelf or hanging it from the back of your door. You can add floral prints to your walls by painting a small painted floral design in the same tone as your walls. Alternatively, if you have a large window in the corner of your bathroom, you can frame some vintage photos or portraits and display them on the wall above your shower door.

Vintage pieces of furniture such as a vintage vanity or a crystal shower curtain can really lend a feminine touch to a shabby chic bedroom design. In fact, one great idea is to use antique medicine cabinets that have floral prints on the front. Place one in each corner of your bathroom. You can then hang vintage lace curtains from these cabinets. Your bathroom will be smelling like flowers!

Complementing the Shabby Chic Bedroom Linen Decoration

For a more grown-up look, you can add some decorative ruffled curtains to your bedroom. These days, you can find many ruffle designs in the market that are perfect for this type of decoration. To make your shabby chic bedroom linen decoration complete, you can even use some ruffled organza or swaffled organza pillows as comforters. These are just some examples of the elements that you can add to your bedroom in order to update its look.

To give your bedroom a pink accent, you can use pink accent lamps with feather Boas or crochet doll lamps. You can also use pink mirrors as your window treatments. Just add some vintage lace curtains and you’re all set! To finish your small shabby chic bedroom decoration, you can throw in a few vintage Barbie dresser and mirror sets. Accentuated with floral prints, these pink pieces will definitely lift the look of your bedroom.

If you want something that is eco-friendly, go for a green accent decoration such as Roman shades, teak deep seating chair, and green rugs. With the theme of green, you can choose from many green furniture sets including green benches, end tables, cabinets, shelving, and sofa sets. The fabrics used for these items are water resistant so they will not only protect your rugs and other accessories, but they will also help in maintaining their color and style. These are some small tips that you can use when you are planning on your small shabby chic bedroom decor. Always be careful in choosing the design elements that you will be adding into your home.



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