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Small Vintage Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Small bathrooms can be very charming if they have the right atmosphere put in. This means, having the right lighting fixtures, and the right wall colors. There are many different options for small bathrooms that you can take advantage of. Think about what kind of decor and furniture would fit the space. For instance, you don’t have to choose from an all white bathroom if you don’t want to. You could still use white paint, but you can also put a small vintage twist on it.

Choosing the Right Place For A Vintage Bathroom

Considerations When Selecting a Great Place for a Vintage Bathroom One of the things that make a small bathroom so great is the fact that it still has all the functionality of a larger bathroom. Dark colored floors and walls give the perfect place for a vintage look. If you choose going with that look, your best bet is to have a dark colored floors, like a black floor or an old olive color. The lighting that you use can even be vintage with a great antique light fixture, like a candelabra.

Small Bathroom Style Choose a Shower With a Sink You don’t want to go with the old and outdated bathroom style where you have a pedestal sink and a toilet. You need to have enough room around your bathroom for both the sink and the toilet, and a corner tub or even a shower stall is a great choice. When you have a small bath area, you can then install a shower stall, or even a walk in bathtub for even more space.

Use of Wooden Floors for Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Flooring Use the Right Flooring For the Space You Have Tiled floors are not the only option for small bathrooms. Hardwood floors are great for small bathroom spaces. You can install the flooring first and lay tile down if you want. Or you can use a vinyl floor if it will stay in one place. Also look into using tiles for the flooring to make the room look larger.

Tiled Flooring Not a Popular Option Wood flooring is not a popular option for small bathroom spaces. If you really want to go with a wood floor in this bathroom you might want to skip the tile and have the flooring done on the inside. This way you get the look of a tile flooring and can match it to the sink area. This would also allow you to install the sink and the toilet at the same time without any problems.

Creating a Small Vintage Look in the Bathroom

Colors for Bathrooms Many bathrooms these days are very dark in color and this can be a problem if you want a small vintage look. There are some options that you can look into that will help you create a small vintage look in the bathroom. Using paint or wall paper is a great option, but it is up to you how you go with the colors in the bathroom. With a little bit of painting you can create a beautiful vintage look that will really enhance the small size of the bathroom.

Tiles are usually not used in small bathrooms but there is an option for them in this space. You can use ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. These can give you a vintage look without being too small. Using paint or wall paper on these tiles is going to give you a nice finish as well. Try using glass tiles or mosaic tiles because these are also a great choice for small bathrooms.

Shower A Great Idea Bathtubs and showers are a big deal in bathrooms. They are essential in the bathroom and should be looked at when getting a new bathroom installed. One great idea for a shower is to install an acrylic or marble shower. These types of showers will allow you to get a great look that is unique. If you do not feel like installing a shower you can always go with the ceramic wall shower. Even if you don’t install a bath tub there is a place for a good quality shower.



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