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The Basic Elements of Victorian Furniture Designs –┬áVictorian furniture generally refers to antique furniture from the Victorian era. These pieces can include antique reproductions inspired by original furnishings from the Victorian time, and vintage pieces which have been painstakingly restored. Victorian furniture is extremely valuable, especially to serious collectors. However, you need to take certain precautions when purchasing it.

Considerations for Buying Victorian Antique Furniture

The first thing that you should do before buying any antique victorian furniture is to determine what styles are available. This includes deciding whether you want furniture that is antique only, or if you want it in a more complete manner. In addition to this, you need to determine what models you think will best suit your home. For example, if you want pieces which are more ornate, then the antique styles might not be for you.

The most popular style of Victorian furniture for the victorian age was classical. This meant that the materials used were mainly oak and mahogany, with rare exceptions. Classic furniture tended to use oak or mahogany, with some pieces being made from cherry and walnut wood. Some of the most common components of classic victorian furniture were cherry, rosewood, gold, iron, marble tops, and glass.

Features of Furniture Antiques

Antiques which are considered “antique” also tend to have a higher price tag. Because of their value, there are many unscrupulous people who are willing to trade antique victorian furniture for cash. This can often happen if the piece has been damaged or is extremely rare. It also takes a great deal of expertise to repair antiques.

While there were plenty of elegant victorian furniture pieces, they were often plain and dull. For this reason, ornate designs became much more common in the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras. Ornate pieces became especially popular as designers began to experiment with different textures, fabrics, and finishes – all of which had an influence on the look of the era. Ornate furniture was usually a sign of wealth, which is evident in the number of affluent families which had ornate furniture designs. A typical set of ornate victorian furniture would have intricate carvings, glass work, metal work, and floral patterns.

Popular Material Of Victorian Furniture

One of the most common materials used in victorian furniture designs was mahogany. While mahogany was once a very valuable material, it was quickly depleted as a practical option due to the expense of harvesting it. This led to a decline in the production of mahogany furniture. However, its distinct rich color and wood grain still makes it an attractive addition to the victorian furniture collection. Mahogany can still be found in good condition in some antique shops as well as being made into new furniture pieces.

One other commonly used material in victorian furniture designs was walnut. Like mahogany, walnut was also an extremely expensive wood which was only used in the finest of establishments due to the scarcity of the wood. However, the walnut stain which was available in some antique stores during this era was a great way to dress up the walnut wood without adding an extreme amount of cost. Walnut veneers can still be found on some victorian furniture pieces although their presence is normally confined to the most elaborate and ornate pieces.

One other popular material which was commonly used during the restoration period was metal. Brass was also used extensively during the Victorian era as it gave the piece a very stamped and elegant look. Though it was generally alloyed rather than finished, it was still possible to find brass pieces which were still in relatively good condition. Brushed nickel can also be found in good condition although it was generally reserved for pieces which had intricate carvings or decorations in Victorian furniture designs. Though these types of pieces are quite rare nowadays, they are widely available for those who are willing to hunt down these antiques.



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