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Simple and Unique Shabby Chic Study Room Decoration – When you’re looking for a fun, unique way to accent your home, you may want to consider adding an old world charm with a shabby chic study room addition. This charming style exudes elegance and sophistication while lending itself to many different handcrafted designs. You can find this type of decor in many different styles, colors, and finishes. The following will take you through the process of creating your own unique, inspired shabby chic study room design.

Decorating a Shabby Chic Study Room with Accessories

When you think of shabby chic, you typically think of old worn furniture or a house in a dilapidated condition. However, shabby chic lends itself well to plenty of different interesting accessories so you really can create your very own unique little studying room design. For example, the French have long used crepe paper in their home decor to give the home a unique look. In addition to using this type of paper in their furniture, you might consider purchasing a variety of other French inspired items. A mix of Native American and French hand crafts would turn an ordinary looking chair into something of furniture that would instantly add to any room’s look.

One of the things you will quickly discover about shabby chic study room decor is that it is very versatile. You can create a romantic, vintage feel in a study decorated in the shabby chic style. You can also create a modern, casual feel in one by putting in an interesting coffee table with a lamp on top. The combination of the two may seem a bit odd, but this pairing actually works really well together. Consider finding a unique coffee table that incorporates beads and other wood accents to create a unique design.

Considering an Old Antique Bookshelf or Bureau

You will also find that there are many shabby chic furnishings to choose from. If you love the look and feel of shabby chic, you will probably want to choose some of the more classic pieces. For example, you might consider an old antique bookcase or bureau as a starting point for your decor. Don’t limit yourself to these though; feel free to try and find a unique piece to add to your study area. By adding a few unique pieces, you can transform the look and feel of your room from casual to elegant.

As you work on the shabby chic study room design, be sure not to neglect the walls. These are where much of the design focus will be. Use light floral wall hangings and other accessories like paintings or prints to add color and elegance to the walls. You might even consider choosing a unique shade of paint for your walls to complement the color scheme of the rest of your shabby chic furnishings and items.

Shabby Chic Study Room Design Lighting

Lighting is also a key component of shabby chic study room designs. The goal is to create a cozy, homey atmosphere. One way to achieve this is by choosing lighting fixtures that match your furniture. If you want a modern look, then look for a chandelier with a bulb that is shaped like a triangle or something that has a clean shape and has interesting details.

One of the best things about shabby chic furniture is that it tends to age well. This is one of the major benefits of decorating a shabby chic home. You can still find great buys in thrift stores or even garage sales. Just be sure that you are buying quality pieces; otherwise, you’ll just be replacing a worn-out look with a frayed piece.

The key to decorating a shabby chic study room is to create a comfortable, inviting space. Remember to keep the walls light and the ceiling low. This height makes it easy to work in as you won’t have to stretch to see the back of a book or a lamp. Also remember to keep the furniture simple and basic. Go for lots of sheer curtains rather than heavy drapes, and try to find pieces with a vintage feel. When you have everything put together, you’ll have a great place to study that looks great but isn’t expensive at all!



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