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Using Shabby Chic Kitchen Paint Colors to Create Your Unique Look – What is a shabby chic kitchen? Its quite a good question to some because to others, it’s just a poor used kitchen near the end of it’s life cycle. Truth be told, most often its well used in some instances, simply because it’s vintage. That’s the beauty of shabby chic kitchens; you can bring a period look to your modern kitchen without going tacky. You might find some people go for this look and think its a total bore but I can assure you that as a whole it can add quite a lot of charm to your kitchen.

Deciding on the Shabby Chic Kitchen Appearance

To get started with your shabby chic kitchen, you first need to decide on what kind of look you want. The classic French country look is one option, you can choose distressed wood furniture, aged wood pieces with floral accents, distressed wooden cabinets, and even wrought iron furniture. In shabby chic kitchen you may opt to go with more neutral tones, light greens and blacks. Wood furniture with floral accents and light colored cabinetry is very common. You can add vintage accessories, such as wrought iron candle holders, candelabras and any other knick knacks you can find.


As for color, you can go with almost any shade as long as its within the shabby chic kitchen color range. A very popular choice is pink or rose tones. You can also use a white color on the walls, but don’t go too dark. You should have white cabinets, but make sure they are either a light pink or pale rose. You can then finish off your shabby chic kitchen with black or white cabinets, with the lighter shades being the base for the fixtures.

Traditional Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

Because this type of decor has a charming, country feel to it, the Shabby Chic kitchen design is perfect if you are interested in a more traditional look. This is one of the many options that you have for decorating your kitchen, but if you are more interested in a shabby chic kitchen, then this may not be for you. Another popular option that you have for this type of kitchen is shabby chic style beds. If you want to bring this look into your home, you can choose to go with a white headboard, or even a bed that has a lace headboard and has shabby chic details, such as old painted nails, buckles on the headboard, or even a floral pattern.


For the flooring of your shabby chic kitchen, you will want to choose wood that has a neutral color scheme. It is up to you whether you want to go with a solid color scheme, such as cream, beige, or white; you can even choose to paint your walls a coordinating color, such as a floral print. Once you have decided on the flooring of your kitchen, you can choose other decorating accessories to help pull together your theme. You can find many options for cabinets when you are choosing the decor for your room. For example, you can choose a cabinet for each shelf in your kitchen, such as a small vanity cabinet or a large medicine cabinet. You can also choose to use a few accent tables for additional storage space.

Choosing Furniture with a Shabby Chic Style

In addition to choosing the furniture for your shabby chic kitchen, you can choose beautiful kitchen hardware to complete your decor. You can choose to use vintage hardware such as door handles or drawer pulls in your chosen color scheme, or you can choose to purchase modern hardware in your chosen color scheme. No matter what type of furniture or accent hardware you choose to add to your kitchen, you can add a touch of southern France to your cooking and living space with the stylish look of shabby chic decorating.

You can create your own beautiful decor with shabby chic paint colors. Choose dark and rich color schemes for your shabby chic kitchen in shades of black, gray and brown. You can choose to use paint that has a similar hue and texture to your current paint colors for a cohesive look. You can use different shades of one shade for accent colors throughout your kitchen or choose several lighter hues to create layers of color and light. Once you choose the right paint color for your kitchen, you can then begin applying it to your cabinets, doors and flooring to bring together your unique shabby chic kitchen design.



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