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Dekorating Ideas For a White Playroom – Playrooms are becoming more of an important part of the family entertainment center. Children of all ages have a full size or smaller versions of a playroom in their home and many of them use it as their “dungeon” or “hide out” from the rest of the world. While the average sized playroom set may seem quite small, there are ways that you can make your white playroom an inviting place to gather. Here are some tips on how to design a colorful and inviting playroom for your child.

Playroom That Matches the Color of the Home

First, coordinate the colors of the playroom with those of your home. If your white playroom has a chalkboard, try to find wallpaper borders that are in the same hue as your white playroom mat. If your mat and chalkboard are off white, compliment them with a colorful mat and chalkboard border.

Another way to create a warm and inviting environment is to have pictures of colorful children, pets, and other family members located throughout the playroom. It is also helpful to place colorful art work or photos in the playroom along with various toys that stimulate white noise like a whirly blender, a white noise machine, or a white noise generator. By providing a colorful environment that is filled with soothing images and friendly stimulation, your white playroom will be transformed into a fun and enjoyable place for your kids to enjoy.

Tips for Adding Colorful Rugs to a White Playroom Floor

Adding colorful rugs to the white playroom floor can add warmth and color without marring the walls. Rugs can range in material from cotton to flannel to durable nylon. Many of these rugs are thick and wad up nicely when not in use and easy to store in toy storage bins and drawers. To add interest to a plain gray floor, accent it with a colorful rug that coordinates with the theme of the white playroom.

Another way to brighten up a gray playroom is to use brightly colored table and chair covers. The chairs can be in solid colors or patterns, or they can be covered with a brightly colored table cover that matches the rugs and toy storage boxes. White table cloths can be purchased in many colors and patterns that coordinate with your white play room furniture. White tablecloth ideas are endless; you can find ideas by visiting fabric stores or online.

Best Decoration Accessories

Adding a full size white crib set to your boy’s playroom can introduce him to the world of blue. Infants are very fascinated with the color blue and look for anything that resembles it. A full size bed would be a wonderful addition to any white nursery and a full size dresser would be nice for a white toddler bed. White wall clocks make excellent decorating accessories for a white playroom and full size nightstands or side tables would complete the look.

In order to introduce a little bit of color to the room, you might want to add some accent pieces in the form of Roman shades, light gray moldings, or bold abstract paintings. You could have a full size, white rocking chair along with a full sized, bold Roman shade crib. Both of these items would provide an accent that complements your full sized white rocking chair and the gray Roman shades on the crib. Or, you could simply place a few blue striped cushions on the chairs and you’ve added a welcome accent.

If you want to add a little drama to the room, try adding some fun accessories, such as a chalkboard, or a chalkboard and white lampshades. A chalkboard can be an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a real chalkboard and it’s so much fun to use one. A chalkboard and light gray shades are especially great for a boy’s bedroom, since the chalkboard will be used for writing and drawing.



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