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How to Decorate a French Country Office – If you love spending time at home, then you should consider setting up a French home office. Many people spend most of their time working from home, but some need the additional space for a more personal experience. A French home office is an ideal solution. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time at home during the day. I like being able to get away and do what I need to without having to get dressed up and drive to work.

French Home Office Features

Many home offices in France tend to be located in either the living room or kitchen. There is something very special about having your office located so close to the front door that it actually feels like home. It is not a strict requirement, but most French homeowners prefer to have their small home office as close to the entrance of their house, so that visitors can see it and become… well… familiar with it. When you have a French home office, you can be sure that no matter what time of day you decide to get up, you can find an affordable and welcoming corner to unwind.


When you set out to buy your French home office furniture, there are many things to keep in mind. First of all, you want to choose pieces that have clean and simple lines. The best pieces come in just one color – black. Black is known for being timeless and versatile, and it fits perfectly into a French style home office that contains a lot of glass and/or wood. Glass is a must with French furniture, since it allows the office to look bigger and the user to appreciate the beauty of the decor when looking from across the room.

Important Elements of a French Home Office

Wood is another essential element to any French home office. You want to choose pieces with straight, curved legs – some manufacturers allow for special curvature of curved legs as well. Since French country desks come in such a variety of styles, you want to make sure the desk will match and complement the other items in the room. Fortunately, since French home offices are generally small, this is not a difficult task.


Small home offices, just like French country desks, generally have small workspaces and large storage spaces. When choosing French-style pieces for your home offices, remember that you may need to choose a bit sturdier furniture than you would elsewhere, such as with rounded legs and larger flat surfaces. Since French homes tend to be quite small, this makes perfect sense.

Simple and Beautiful Color Selection

The color of a French home office can be kept simple or can be as colorful as you choose. Usually, if you go with the more basic French colors (white, cream, and light blue), you won’t have to sacrifice looks to get good functionality out of your desk. You can also have your desk stain a rich, darker color to really tie the theme together and really make it pop. If you’d like to break up the walls a bit, consider using faux or real Murano glass to create a beautiful visual effect. For an authentic look, consider using plexiglass instead of glass for your french office’s doors. This way, you get the visual impact of glass and the benefits of plexiglass without having to sacrifice function.

One more detail that is important to note about a French home office is that they are relatively airy and spacious. This is perfect for someone who wants to work from a short, cozy space – even a lofted bedroom can work, as long as it’s set up properly. French home offices are known for their large drawers and cupboards, even ones that are two feet wide and long. This way, your home office won’t feel claustrophobic, which can cause a lot of stress in a crowded work space.

The key to decorating a French country office is to keep the lines simple and to utilize the natural beauty around you. Use light colors like cream and beige to accent the room and to complement the natural wood trim. Don’t be afraid to mix in reds, yellows, blues, greens, and other natural hues. This is your unique chance to express yourself creatively!



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