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Decorating a Nautical Family Room – The first thought that probably comes to your mind when you hear the word “nautical” is a sea world where ocean-going vessels roost on the water’s surface. A perfect setting for a party! A nautical family room would be an awesome room to celebrate your kids’ birthday with. A nautical theme is a wonderful idea for your kids’ room decorating. This theme provides a wonderful opportunity to provide the ultimate in children-superhero themed rooms. Decorating a nautical family room is not as difficult as you may think.

Characteristics of The Design Nautical Family Room

A nautical family room design would include items such as framed prints of sea rescues, a large scale model of a sail ship, and starfish along the water’s edge. A few guests would appreciate the bright cheer of the kitchen while the rest of the room is bathed in darkness. There are many great choices when it comes to room decorating for this special event.

Nautical bedding and pillows can add just the right touch of fun to the nautical theme room decor. Look for a soft, comfortable material like cotton or flannel. These easily cleaned and care for items will make a day of playing in the bath or bedroom more enjoyable for the child who has come to visit. They’ll be able to take a big, warm pillow to snuggle into for a peaceful sleep. You can accent the bedding with matching color coordinated curtains or valances to complete the look for this special event.

Adding a Nautical Theme to The Kids Room

Adding a nautical theme to your kid’s room can be as simple as adding sea shell shaped candles to a bedding set or as involved as purchasing authentic nautical dishes and furniture. You can create a full nautical theme by adding a life-size poster of a sail ship on the wall as well as various accessories from an authentic sea vessel. Some ideas include sea shells, anchor, compass, buoys and anchors, steering wheel, masts, and sails. Add these items around the room to create a look that is as complete as it is fun.

A nautical theme is especially great for boys. You can decorate with them in a big way or very subtly. If you are looking for a subtle approach, start by selecting items that have a nautical theme such as anchor clocks or fish scales. For a bolder nautical theme, try sea glass tableware and lamps. You can also choose to place an actual sail on the ceiling for added effect.

How to Highlight the Nautical Theme in the Living Room

To further the nautical theme in your nautical family room, place sea shells cut out of a variety of colors on the wall. Hang up photos of sea animals from the latest Disney movies to add a hint of the sea to your nautical themed room. Make the room bright and colorful with sea colors, like the maroon, blue, and white of the mermaid flag.

You will find that each space in your nautical family room will be different. The dining room will often be a space that looks out over the water. This room can easily be decorated in a nautical style by hanging up photos of ocean-related objects. There may be a framed painting or photos that remind you of your childhood as you watched the waves roll in. The sitting room can also be decorated in a nautical theme with posters of ships, boats, and the like. Place a nautical print on the wall as well as additional decorations in the surrounding area.


The kids’ nautical room can be a great place to have a family get-together. There are all kinds of nautical room items that your children could use including posters of their favorite seagoing vessels or the captain of the current boat that they are boarding. They can even make their own nautical poster by cutting out a shape that they like and gluing it to an available poster that is already on the wall. Make the walls of their nautical room fun by hanging up kites, balls, and anything else that gliders or floats. If you don’t want the nautical room to seem too rough around the edges, you can always pick up some easy to clean nautical wall paper to use as borders.



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