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A French Style Bedroom Design – French Bedroom Design Get the look shares European country decorating ideas, rich pallet colors, white paint colors, and lots of shopping supplies and accessories. To create the look your own, blend in antique accessories, collectibles, antiques, and vintage textiles. The colors are often muted tones of beige, cream and ivory with touches of pink and violet. The wrought iron canopy bed is very popular.

French Bedroom Elegance

The French Bedroom The walls of your French bedroom get their elegance from the country charm and architectural detailing of the French. This style lends itself to many decorating options. Use white and cream with touches of gold for an English country look. Paint the walls with a neutral beige color, which will bring together the elegance of the walls and the French charm. You can then add more of the English country accents, such as pictures, mirrors, artwork and furniture. In the bedroom, distressed furniture with an antique lace on white headboard gives a stunning contrast.

The bedding for your French bedroom should coordinate with the theme of the walls and the bed. A simple upholstered bed with all-white paint and a matching comforter adds the elegant touch. You can go with an old country pattern for the quilt, which can be dyed to match the all-white paint and furniture.

French Dining Room Furniture Design Inspiration

The Dining Room Since the French have been making furniture for centuries, they have had many inspirations for their furniture designs. These days you can find traditional, transitional and contemporary French bedrooms. If you want to go with the timeless elegance, try using black and white woven furniture. For a modern look, try using bright colors. A black and white dining table and chairs look elegant with this French bedroom design.

Another great idea for your French bedroom is to use unique prints, such as stripes or plaids. A colorful rug makes a statement, as does a unique headboard. The most important part of the color scheme in your French bedroom is the wall decor, since the wall is the largest element in the room. Use warm colors, such as a warm red rug, with a very elegant shabby chic print or shabby chic headboard.

French Bedroom Tile Ideas

Flooring You can really have fun with the flooring in your French bedroom idea. You can use tiles, linoleum or mosaic tile in your French bedroom. You can also use bold colored wallpaper like yellows, blues or purples. If you really want to create a focal point, why not create a wall mural with an abstract design, or even a floral pattern. It is fun to mix and match different types of color and design to get a unique and feminine focal point.

Accessories When using a French bedroom design, it is important to remember that you want to create as much natural lighting as possible. If you live in a cooler climate, then use cool looking neutral tone wall decor, such as cream or off white. For more sun-friendly climates, opt for bold and bright pieces, such as vibrant colors, which will stimulate natural lighting.

Find a simple French style bedspread and cover your bed with a comforter and draw the bedspread out on the floor before putting the comforter inside. This will allow you to see if there is a clash in color or style. You may even find that an alligator print or striped curtains would go better with a cream or off white comforter than a black one, for example. If you can’t quite find just the right toile bedspread, you can always find several different ones online at very reasonable prices. You’ll want to be sure to choose one that has a coordinating duvet cover, as well, as that way you have a unified look for your French bedroom design.



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