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How to Enhance the Look of Your Victorian Exterior Design – If you are trying to give a Victorian look to your home but do not have the budget for it, you can always go with another style that will complement the Victorian exterior. You should however take into consideration the cost of paint and the maintenance of the exterior when choosing one over another. Some people prefer to use colors that are similar to what they use in their living rooms. This is because it gives a feeling that the other parts of the house are more conventional than the Victorian style.

Beautiful Color Selection

Colors associated with the Victorian homes of yesterday are light floral colors like pink and light blue. Dark colors such as black, gray and brown dominate the exteriors. Floors in these houses are normally tile, brick or stone and the flooring is always carpet. The style of the house usually matches the roofline, which in most cases matches the flooring.

In order to bring the feeling of the past alive, try to paint the wall with warm tones of color. You can also use lighter colors on the doors and trim. For the interiors, a mixture of pale yellow and cream colors can look great. Just be careful about overdoing it by painting everything white.

Tips for Making a Victorian Exterior

If you want to create the Victorian exterior in the present day, you can opt for more updated models of Victorian homes. These include simple designs and minimalist features. As you move from the traditional colors to the modern ones, you will be able to find more elaborate and decorative gables, which include ornate molding, carvings and panels. If you want to make the gable accents more prominent, try using reds and pinks.

A lot of people are still using the painted tiles and wooden paneling for the Victorian exterior. But if you are after a more updated look, you can try for the tile grouting and wooden door hardware. Both of these design elements are great additions to your home. Wooden door hardware can be used to add an antique flavor to the house as well. In case you are looking for artistic details, you can try using copper faucets and metal designs on your architectural details.

Using Appropriate Accessories

The use of glass is common nowadays but if you want to keep the architectural details simple, you can stick to natural materials like slate and limestone. Both of these materials are perfect for the Victorian house plan. You should also keep in mind the period of the building. Try to get the most appropriate accessories to match the style of the Victorian house.

For the ceiling and the wall colors, it is advisable to choose dark colors because they compliment the gables and the columns of the Victorian house. You can even mix in lighter shades for accent. If you have small rooms in the Victorian house, then you should go for light colors since they can add color to the entire area. A fireplace in the center of the room would also be a great addition.

Victorian exterior fittings such as door handles and door knobs need to be carefully planned and placed so that they do not look out of place. The colors of the trim and the molding can be kept to the same traditional values to enhance the look of the exterior. You can also try adding architectural details like windows with old-fashioned glasses or even go for a more modern design. Victorian homes often have a lot of wood and there is no reason why you should not include wood in your gable exteriors as well. By painting your exterior walls in white or by staining them, you can make them appear much larger.



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