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Shabby Chic Basement Decor – A shabby chic basement can be the perfect solution to your decorating needs. Perfect for any event this shabby chic basement apartment is bright and airy with lots of character. With clean, sleek white paneling panels on the walls and furniture brought to life by unique area rugs, this cozy abode is alive with personality. Lined with vintage floral prints and worn with a worn and weathered look, shabby chic can be used for both modern and more classical looks.

Basement Decorating Ideas

There are a few key ideas that have always worked well for me when decorating a basement. I like to use the ceiling height as an organizing feature. I love to use different focal points to highlight certain sections of the room. My personal favorite is a shabby chic ceiling tray that I place in front of an eye-catching window or door. By doing this, I can bring attention to a specific detail or design with my lighting.

Another great idea for an updated, modern basement is to add a contemporary looking roman or iron ceiling. There are many styles to choose from with a shabby chic twist. From wrought iron with metal grills, to marble topped wainscoting and a shabby chic tray ceiling, adding this extra touch can bring life to your space.

I love the look of a well-ventilated, lighted basement ceiling. This can be accomplished with pendant lamps or a set of skylights. I like to use pendant lamps in the center of the room to bring in a soft accent. I also like to install ceiling fixtures such as a skylight or large pendant lamp to add depth to the room’s atmosphere.

Addition of Chandeliers Perfect Lighting Ideas

To update my shabby chic basement ceiling, I installed new, lighted ceiling beams across the top of my tiled wall. I also installed four more pendant lamps on the ends of the beams. I also added decorative molding to the corners of my bathroom wall ductwork. I wanted to keep my bathroom’s dark wood tone, but keep the light level at my desired level by using white ductwork.

If you have decided to add a low ceiling in your new, modern, shabby chic style living room or bedroom, do not forget about your wooden ceiling. I also like the look of a low ceiling fan above a wooden ceiling. A wooden ceiling fan will provide cooling shade in hot humid rooms. It will also help to keep air circulating and create an inviting atmosphere. You can find many beautiful wooden ceiling fans on the market today at affordable prices.

To finish my stylish, shabby chic basement, I mounted two large skylights onto the outside walls of the space. I then made use of the skylight’s inset lights to create a nice mood lighting effect. I chose two different color sets of inset lights for this project; a white one for the kitchen and a beige one for the family room. I also added two metal candle sconces on each of the skylights for a soothing, romantic feel.

Use of Some Rustic Stylish Items

In addition to my beautiful shabby chic basement ceiling and new skylight, I also installed several other rustic-looking items inside of and around my basement. I used old, French doors as the entryway to my basement. I found old industrial iron bars and pipes around my basement as well. I found old bookcases and old dressers that were metal. I simply took these pieces and enhanced them with vintage accessories to create a truly unique, stylish, airy, cozy look for my new, updated basement.

When it came to my shabby chic basement’s flooring, I decided to go with something with an old world, charming charm. I wanted to bring in some of the old, country charm from my childhood. I wanted to combine the beauty of the Victorian age with the sleek design of my modern day house. I wanted my flooring to have an antique look – but I knew I wanted something that would match my beautiful shabby chic basement ceiling and skylight. So I went with something with an antique finish on my industrial basement walls and floors – tile. I selected an antique wood-grained porcelain tile in the middle of the floor, with a row of fresh-cut flowers along the edges of the porcelain tile.

Best Shabby Basement Decoration Tips

The other major item in my beautiful, shabby chic basement was the wall sconce I selected. I had originally chosen to place two small metal sconces on either side of my basement ceiling, to bring some of the old country charm into my new, modern space. I found several wooden ceiling fans that were in good condition, at one of our local home supply retailers. I purchased these ceiling fans in varying sizes and styles, and placed them along both my living room and bedroom walls. I found that the larger of the two copper sconces I chose, sat better against the wooden ceiling, while the smaller one I chose, worked well with the lighter wooden ceiling.

In addition to the wall sconces, I also installed three pendant lamps in various shapes and sizes along either wall or ceiling. The three different shapes and sizes of the pendant lamps matched the wooden ceiling, perfectly. My beautiful shabby chic basement recessed lights are an essential component of this space.



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