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Mid Century Modern Furniture – Mid-century modern furniture is the perfect furniture style if you want to create a unique living space or design an office that’s perfect for your business needs. This style of furniture doesn’t date, as it’s been around nearly half a century. Its popularity is due to its adaptability, affordability and classic designs. Whether you’re a decorator looking to update an old-fashioned home or someone who wants to build a new home that’s stylish, mid-century modern furniture can be a great choice.

The Best Mid Century Modern Furniture

You’ve probably seen mid-century modern furniture already in your house. It’s made up of sleek and sturdy modern furniture pieces that look like they’re straight out of the futuristic science fiction movies of the ’20th century. And it’s not just living rooms that can benefit from this type of furniture; dining rooms, hallways, and kitchens are all fair game for this style of furniture. Plus, classic architecture designs of the mid-century — including a wide assortment of popular styles such as Eero Saarinen and Le Corbusier — ensure that you can easily fill your house with beautiful, sophisticated furniture. In fact, iconic furniture styles like those of the Eero Saarinen and Le Corbusier are now used in some of the finest hotels in the world.

When it comes to design, mid-century modern furniture usually consists of understated, chic designs. But just because it’s understated doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. In fact, this design style features some truly interesting and influential design elements that make it stand out. This style’s distinctive features are actually what give it the ability to provide both a classic and contemporary look. Let’s take a look at a few of these distinguishing features.

Popular Mid-Century Modern Furniture

A famous mid-century modern furniture designer named Charles Eames is responsible for many of these beautiful pieces. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that Eames actually designed his own furniture. While working for Remodeler Louis Sullivan, he designed the gametes, or chair and arm chairs, which remain popular today. The gametes were designed with a very unique and unusual double-tiered armchair. Because it was such an innovative design, however, it was somewhat difficult to produce.

Some other great mid-century modern furniture designers include Eero Saarinen, Peter Eisenman, and Morris Louis. Eero Saarinen’s Eero Saarinen Furniture had a very unique and charming appearance. It featured open-backed chairs with rounded ends, which made it quite unique. One of the most noticeable characteristics of this style of furniture was the way the seat would curve slightly backward when you sat in the chair. This particular piece of mid-century modern furniture was, as you may imagine, quite a hit with customers and has remained a very popular choice in homes across the world for decades.

Other mid-century modern furniture designers of the 20th Century were Peter Eisenman and Morris Louis. They crafted some very appealing and popular designs in this period. These pieces of modern design are often associated with the classic mid-century Modern style. For example, a knoll stool was one of the favorite designs by this era of mid-century modern furniture. The Knoll Chair, or chair with casters, is a mid-century modern furniture favorite.

The Uniqueness of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

In addition to mid-century modern furniture, other geometric forms also became very popular in this era. For example, the cubes, hexagons, and octagons all became popular. Cubes were a great solution for storage as they had many uses in homes. Many people liked the elegant shapes of the cubes and hexagons and used them in their home decor.

Another very popular geometric design was the butterfly. In the mid-century, this became especially popular. Butterfly wings could be found on mid-century modern furniture that was inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. A great way to find mid-century modern furniture with butterfly wing designs is to do a little research on the Internet. You will find many online retailers who have a great selection of mid-century modern furniture. We are happy to receive guest submissions from you.



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