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Monochrome Interiors Are Found in Contemporary Designs – Decorating with monochrome colours is perennial, stylish and perennially fashionable. Many people are drawn to this timeless style for its versatility and functionality. However, it can be daunting when faced with the decision of whether to use this style or another. From black and white to blue and grey, monochrome has a host of applications that can transform a room into a stunning space. Illustration by Hilary Robertson shows how, when used together or in different tones, these contrasting colours can create dramatic effects in any room, from elegant to playful.

Classical Gray Interior Design Elements

The classic shade of grey is a hugely versatile element of interior design. Originally, the word “grey” itself was derived from Greek mythology, meaning “a hide worn by lambs”. It is now used to describe any number of things, the colour being equally effective on both indoors and outdoors. One of the most common uses of a monochrome home palette is to complement a great bathroom suite, giving the room an understated elegance.

In keeping with the timeless quality, many people also choose to use grey as a colour in the rest of their home. Grey can evoke feelings of mystery, even ancient ruins or the gloomy bowels of a hospital, which helps make it perfect for the nooks and crannies of a library or study. It works equally well with other colours, creating a layered effect in a living space. A striking example of using grey as a feature in the home is to create a sculptural trellis featuring stacks of books between the smaller grey panels.

Monochrome Home Decor Theme Shades of Gray

Monochromatic shades of grey are particularly well-suited to the kitchen. Kitchen windows offer a wide open expanse of bright sunlight, which helps to make bright, sunny kitchens the most popular interior spaces to feature grey. Using shades of grey as a window treatment not only creates an interesting effect, but also gives the kitchen a refined, sophisticated look. The addition of an understated chandelier or lampshade completes this look.

Window treatments in the living space are also very popular. In particular, large sweeping windows offer the opportunity to create an effect with large, coloured blinds or curtains, which create the appearance of a much larger space. A simple way to incorporate a monochrome home decor theme into a large living space is to use a mirrored shade, allowing the reflection of the glass to frame the view across the room. Another variation of this style is to add several small mirrors, one on each side of the large window.

The use of Monochrome Accessories

In the bathroom, the use of shades in the shower area is common. A monochrome palette can be applied to the walls and floors in the shower area, creating a washed out effect. Shades of grey can be added through the use of a variety of shades, ranging from very light to dark grey. In the bathroom there are two main areas that can benefit from using shades of grey. The shower and the sink area where bacteria and germs can accumulate through the day can both benefit from a neutral shade of grey, although a slightly darker shade is sometimes used for these rooms to combat morning sunlight.

The use of monochrome accessories is common throughout the home. Shades of white, black or other colours are often seen on the upholstery of furniture. This is because white represents the cleanest palette and allows a homeowner to keep expenditure to a minimum. Furniture with simple lines and geometric shapes often incorporates black as a contrasting colour to create a simplistic, elegant feel. Similarly, plain white appliances are usually paired with black or grey cabinet pulls and handles.

Achieving a unique yet stylish look is often done via the use of monochrome accessories. This palette allows an interiors designer to produce anything from bold and striking curtains, to tasteful accessories. When paired with black, grey or white it is possible to create any number of bold and striking looks. This is because the palettes used are extremely versatile and very stylish. They offer a host of benefits for any home – inspiring homes, classic, modern, contemporary, country homes and many more.



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