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Decorating Your Shabby Chic Apartment – Shabby chic is an interior decorating style that is characterized by soft furnishings, worn fabrics, and distressed wood. This style exudes sophistication, yet offers a relaxed, homey atmosphere. Shabby chic decor is great for small as well as large apartments. Shabby chic decor has a charming vintage feel and can add a cozy, historic element to your apartment. In addition to providing an inviting, cozy living space, shabby chic apartment adds an aesthetic element to the aesthetics of any home.

Choosing a Shabby Chic Apartment Decor

When booking a shabby chic apartment, be sure to check-in on time. As a rule of thumb, check-in no more than one hour before check-out. If you are staying with friends or family, check-in together so you can make arrangements for check-out together. As always, do not arrive late to your visit.

Upon arrival, be sure to go through the checklist you have created for check-ins. First, remember to tuck in your clothes, bags, and anything else you may need to take with you into the apartment. Tuck in your shoes, too. And remember to fill out your reservation slip: make sure to give a valid name, phone number, e-mail address, and the time you will be available to check-in on the day you check in. This is especially important if you are staying at a hotel, as hotels normally have their own check-in desks.

Once you are all set, it’s time to make your way to your shabby chic apartment. Be sure to take a look around first. What colors and themes are featured in the walls? Are there any artistic or unique pieces that you would like to add in? Remember to take along a camera, as photos will help make your experience more fun and interesting. Once you find an object or piece you are interested in, be sure to ask the owner about it or take a picture of it, so that you can show it off during your check-in.

Characteristics of Shabby Chic Apartments

Lighting Shabby chic apartments can get dark, so lighting is extremely important. Low voltage lamps and candles can provide the perfect atmosphere for romantic dinner dates, candlelit walks in the evening, and other night-time activities. Don’t forget the blinds, too!

Furniture Shabby chic is all about the textures and fabrics of things. So, while most furniture tends to be simple, shabby chic tends to have a heavy and wispy cast to it. Antiques, worn and painted, are favorite pieces. But beware of imitations, especially if they aren’t authentically antique. Real wood and stone, as well as high quality metal and wrought iron pieces are beautiful additions to your living space.

Decorations Shabby chic decors tend to be more subtle and subdued than other styles. This lends itself to more flexibility when it comes to color choices. You can create a very warm and cozy ambiance by keeping the colors light and airy, or you can achieve a very sexy and modern vibe by going with strong dark colors and accents. Pastel colors are great for the bedroom and dining room, while brighter ones are more suited to the living room.

Convenient Furniture Use and Storage

Storage It’s not surprising that this style is so conducive to storage. In fact, shabby chic can actually improve the functionality of any room by keeping things organized and neat. Think of the closet in your bathroom. If you haven’t yet tried storing items without a hanger, you’re missing out. With just a few simple hanging rods and some tassels, your closet will be like a work of art, complete with an endless array of colors and textures.

Cushions Shabby chic is about softness, so feel free to add cushions to your shabby chic apartment. A round rug on the coffee table or end table will bring a soft touch that is both comfortable and complementary. Remember, anything that is soft, warm and comfy will make you want to spend more time in that space, so keep that in mind as you choose your shabby chic furniture.

Basic Design Simplicity

Appliances Shabby chic is all about the details, so keep things simple and understated. This includes your bathroom and kitchen appliances. While you definitely want to use your shabby chic apartment’s natural light to showcase your artwork and mirrors, don’t go overboard with the design. Simple, basic designs will make your space feel like a place where you can relax.

Lighting Last but certainly not least, you need to ensure that your shabby chic apartment has sufficient lighting. In essence, this means installing dimmers on your light switches so you can create subtle changes at any time. If you’re using candles or other electric accent pieces, make sure they are also properly installed and placed in areas where they’ll get the proper amount of light. You might also consider investing in an inexpensive hairdryer for those quick showers; this can be particularly helpful if your shabby chic furniture items tend to get covered in hair and/or wet hair.



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