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How to Create the Perfect Boldness in a Bohemian Living Room – Bohemian living room decor is definitely an intriguing option for any home. Whether you choose to set the tone of the space within the home or introduce an entirely new look and feel, Bohemian living room design is both fun and inspirational. If you are interested in creating a Bohemian space, there are many design ideas you can try. Bohemian designs tend to feature lots of color, an excess of glass, and other unique elements. These elements can make your home feel out of the ordinary, but at the same time create a unique space in your home.

Benefits of Decorating a Bohemian Living Room

To help set the tone of your Bohemian living room, you may want to incorporate some Bohemian elements throughout your home. Items such as vintage postcards, crazy antiques, and vintage wall hangings can all be used to create a distinctive look. Bohemian wall hangings and rugs can either stand alone on the wall or as part of an accessory for furniture. Consider using rugs that feature bold patterns, interesting color schemes, and unique textures like cotton or seersucker.

You’ll also find many Bohemian living room styles incorporate earth colors, such as mocha and sand, which are common in southwest style decorating. Using earth tones allows you to add a touch of the wild to your decor. You can add elements such as Native American baskets or rock art. If wall decoration is necessary, you can choose artwork with bold, red, or other colors. Stone and metal patterns are also popular, along with stripes, circles, and other geometric patterns. Metal and stone patterns work well when you are trying to create a very Bohemian look.

Tips for Using Bright Colors

For more of a bright color palette, use bold primary colors, such as red, yellow, and orange. These colors can be paired with earth tones, creating a contemporary look. If you want to go with a Bohemian look but stay with the classic Eastern motifs, use blues, greens, or even touches of purple. If you want your Bohemian living room to have a more contemporary feel, add white or even a neutral gray color. Remember that the goal is to create an eclectic living room, so keep things from being too extreme.

When choosing Bohemian interior decor, it’s important to choose pieces that reflect this theme. Choose pieces with designs that don’t belong to traditional interior design patterns, such as Native American pottery, Native American blankets, African pottery, and even beadwork and Native American jewelry. You can mix and match pieces from different cultures, such as Native American figurines with European antiques, or Bohemian rug pieces with Western-style sofas. Look for pieces with unusual fabrics, such as Native American blankets with zebra skin or other wild animal print materials. These unusual fabrics can add interest to a dull room and can even give your home a true Bohemian vibe.

Very Nice Bohemian Living Room Furniture

Since most people who live in cities already have clean lines in their design, you can easily create the Bohemian look without going completely off the wall. Instead of using bold colors, use soft pastels and textures, as well as textured surfaces. A clean line will give your home a very homey appeal, which is one of the major factors that make Bohemian living room furniture so great.

Once you’ve chosen your colors and chosen some interesting textured and patterned surfaces, you need to think about how you’re going to pull it all together. With a bit of color thrown in, your Bohemian piece can really pop. Try painting your walls a bright orange, for instance, to go along with the bright pinks and blues that you’ve chosen for your furniture. If you want to add even more drama, use deep forest green to accent the furniture and other accessories. By using such vibrant colors, your Bohemian look will really pop.

Your lighting should also be Bohemian in nature. You should choose pieces that are shaped like cubes or bowls, with odd shapes and interesting branches sticking out on all sides. Brightly colored pots and plant stands should be placed around the room, along with candles shaped like Bohemian mushrooms for a truly authentic Bohemian vibe. By using these different elements together, you can create a truly unique space that will have everyone in the room taking notice.



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