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Small Japanese Kitchen Design Ideas – A small Japanese kitchen may seem like a contradiction in terms, but that is actually a very common design. Most Japanese homes, and small Japanese kitchens in particular, are built on the principle of making as much room as possible while still keeping a few necessities. There is no need to fill up the room with elaborate and unnecessary furnishings; there just need to be enough room to move around in.

The Best Japanese Kitchen Designs

These practical and often plain-looking Japanese kitchen designs are usually centered on a square or rectangular table, which can function as the focal point of the room. Sometimes, a picture of a dragon or other Japanese creature may be hung from the ceiling as well. The walls are normally painted a white color, and some small kitchens may even be adorned with pictures of candles or other decorations.

Small urban Japanese kitchen designs home kitchens usually follow the same basic principles, although there are a few variations in the design elements. For one thing, many small Japanese kitchen designs incorporate the use of natural materials such as wood and stone. Often, these are finished with bright paint schemes. As a result, they have a very distinctive look and feel. Natural materials, coupled with vibrant colors and a unique design, make small Japanese kitchen designs popular among home owners looking to create a warm and inviting environment for their families and guests.

The Benefits of a Japanese Style Small Kitchen

Another idea for a small Japanese style kitchen is to create an outdoor space around the kitchen. This is known as a tsukubai, or “outdoor room”. These spaces can be decorated in a number of ways, but one of the most popular is to add small tables, chairs and plantings around a fire pit, where family and friends can get together to enjoy the warmth of the flames and share good food and interesting stories.




In addition to small tables and chairs, some small Japanese style homes incorporate natural stone or tiles into their design. Tiles are especially popular, because they are simple and easy to clean, which is very different from the highly polished marble and granite used in modern minimalist Japanese kitchens. Natural stone is also often associated with Japanese garden style decor, so if you’re trying to create a natural and relaxing environment in your new Japanese style kitchen, you’ll probably want to add some plants, too. Some of the most popular ideas for small Japanese garden style kitchens include bamboo trellises and large plant pots on long stems, built-in planters or small ceramic or stone tile lanterns.

The Popularity of Innovative Japanese Kitchen Designs

On the other end of the spectrum, one of the most popular small Japanese kitchen designs is the “Kashiki” or “windmill” kitchen. This innovative Japanese kitchen design is actually a combination of western and eastern elements. Western traditional kitchen tables often have open, square kitchen seating and are used to eat meals. The “Kashiki” is a set of small stools that have a single open seat at the end. These stools are usually placed along the kitchen floor, but sometimes (sometimes only sometimes) they can even be mounted on walls.

The main purpose of the small stools is to provide a place to rest the cooking utensils. In a small Japanese kitchen, a small stove can usually be tucked into a corner of any room, much like a small table. If you want to, the stove can be built into the wall, or it can be free standing. There are many creative ways to use the small Japanese style stove. One great example is using it as a small oven. You could cook Japanese noodles or prepare hot, delicious sashimi on the stove top.

While the small stove may be the most visible element of the traditional Japanese kitchen design ideas, it does not have to be the largest or most expensive. Any size stove can be incorporated into any size Japanese apartment kitchen design. Your choice of stove should simply be a good representation of your lifestyle. In short, a small Japanese kitchen design idea is really just a small version of a Japanese lifestyle.



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