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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom Using French Style Furniture – The French Bedroom Collection offers an extensive choice of luxury, ornate and stylish pieces of traditional French furniture. These highlight the best in modern French bedroom style, with carefully sourced, boutique collections of high-end bedding, upholstered fabrics, deluxe bed linen, original pillows and lighting, all designed to last. A contemporary twist on traditional classic style, French bedroom collections combine contemporary elements with traditional motifs to create a chic-looking room fit for a king or queen. Delicately designed, each item is created with high quality materials using traditional sewing techniques. Made in the traditional Sleeping Car style, each item is designed to enhance an already magnificent setting.

Add French Lace and Needlepoint Tapestries

To complete the look, add some French lace and needlepoint tapestries to your walls. With a soft feminine palette, you’ll find the perfect touch of classic French lavender, mocha and pale beige; softened by hints of chocolate and honey, these warm and inviting tones accentuate the bedding, curtains and window treatments in your French bedroom. Choose some coordinating accent pillows and throw pillows, with a neutral accent wall hanging that you love. Accent pillows made of cashmere will be the finishing touch and help tie it all together.

French Boudoir Furniture – Rustic French Bedroom Tables and Chairs In today’s hectic world, French bedroom furniture needs to be spacious, elegant and comfortable. This is what you get when you choose rustic French furniture, like the rustic French Boudoir Chair. A chair that is designed for romance, this French-inspired furniture is perfect for French country, rustic or casual style homes.

Use of Rustic French Boudoir Chair

The rustic French Boudoir Chair is made from solid wood, finished with a soft cushioning of silk in a white color that will complement any French country theme. The back of this French furniture is a classic round shape with an ornate ribbon and gorgeous cushions on the seat and footstools. This chair is perfect for accentuating your French bedroom walls, where it will soften and highlight your furnishings. The legs of this chair have a rolled type back that will sit firmly on the floor. The chair is also finished with a removable fabric that is slip resistant and can easily be machine washed.

French Bedding Sets – Rustic French Bedding Sets These French bedding sets come complete with a bed frame, 2 drawer dresser, mirror, comforter and shams. They have an antique finish that will add elegance to your French bedroom, which are available in all-white paint. You can choose from a variety of fabrics such as silk, satin or lace. For a very elegant look, you may want to combine different types of French bedding.

Elegant Rustic French Furniture

Rustic French Furniture – Bedroom Furniture With Elegance Bedroom furniture such as French furniture is not only elegant but can also be very useful. If you find that you do not have much room in your bedroom or if you are planning to sell your home, French style bedroom sets and rustic French furniture will add beauty and charm to your small bedroom decorating plan. Rustic wood accents such as carved doors, distressed finish woods, distressed finish wooden beds, French mirrors and wrought iron candleholders are just some of the elegant items you can incorporate into your rustic French style bedroom decorating. You can create a romantic and intimate setting with wrought iron candleholders and intricate chandeliers. You can add country charm to your bedroom by using old and worn wood trim around your bed frame and side table.

Ceiling Fans – Rustic French furniture along with antique furniture and French mirrors are the finishing touch to create a rustic French style bedroom. When selecting antique furniture for your bedroom, always check that the pieces you purchase are made from solid wood and have been well taken care of. When decorating your bedroom with rustic French country decor, don’t be afraid to use various colors like light yellow, cream, or off white. These colors will add a soft touch of color to the entire French style theme and will enhance your French style bedroom’s warm and inviting look.

French Table Lamps and Desk Lamps – Bedroom table lamps and desk lamps are also an important part of French style bedroom. Bedside lamps with carved accents and antique table lamps can add a touch of sophistication to your French style bedroom. To accessorize your French style bedroom, you can use French mirror shades. Mirrors also add an illusion of space to your bedroom. You can choose to hang mirrors without shades on the wall or you can place vintage mirrors on stands.



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