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Print Media – Traditional Home Magazine Subscriptions – Traditional Home was an innovative style and decorating journal that targeting affluent, informed readers. The publication was published by the Meredith Corporation and heralded the charms of modern living through the lens of traditional taste. It regularly ranked as the top selling home magazine in newsstands for eight consecutive years. For many years, the traditional home magazine has remained a fixture in the home decorating scene.

Traditional Home Decoration Ideas

In traditional home publications, you can find recipes, decorating ideas, and lifestyle tips that will improve your sense of style and comfort. With the publication’s sharp focus on traditional style, you will find new methods for incorporating traditional elements into your home without sacrificing your modern sensibilities. The traditional home publication often offers recipes for specialty dishes that are traditional but still exciting and delicious. They also offer informative articles on how to decorate traditional homes using timeless designs. You can use these dishes to celebrate milestones, celebrate anniversaries, or even serve as food for guests during important gatherings.

When designing traditional homes, many home owners attempt to keep the exterior consistent while still incorporating contemporary elements. Windows, for example, can play a large role in expressing the style of traditional homes. Many homeowners choose to include large double pane windows in their home to allow natural light in and to block out the sun’s heat during the day. These windows are also an excellent choice for providing ample natural light throughout the interior of your home.

Selection of Hardwood Floors

Traditionally, hardwood floors are a hallmark of traditional design. While hardwoods may not be practical in many parts of the country (due to pests or soil deterioration), there are still ways to work well with natural surfaces. Laminate flooring, for example, works well in traditional homes because it looks great alongside traditional wood flooring but is easy to clean and maintain.

Homeowners often chose not to incorporate interior shutters into their design. Interior shutters were known for acting as an invitation to thieves as they allowed light to enter a room but darkened the interior. In addition, they created a cold feeling indoors. By incorporating interior shutters onto the outside of the house, you can maintain a warm, welcoming feeling indoors without losing that modern feeling. The same goes for installing double hung or snap shutters on the walls.

Homeowners also chose not to add any other kinds of window treatments to their home. For example, blinds are commonly used for decorative purposes inside of a traditional home. However, they are rarely used as window coverings. By choosing to add window coverings such as curtains or drapes, you can easily transform the look of your traditional home into a modern one. Likewise, you can easily update the appearance of your home by choosing to add new styles of blinds to your interior design style.

How to Design a Beautiful Traditional Home

A traditional home magazine can provide homeowners with a wealth of knowledge on how to design a beautiful traditional home. Traditional magazine subscribers often use this printed magazine as a reference for creating home improvement projects. A traditional home magazine can provide the information you need to know as you begin to design your home.

In addition to traditional home magazine subscriptions, you may also want to consider looking at traditional print media. Many traditional homeowners still enjoy subscribing to a local newspaper. If you don’t live near an area that has a dominant newspaper, you may also want to look for other options. Newspapers often provide interesting articles on decorating, home improvement, and even local entertainment news. While many people subscribe to a traditional home magazine, other options such as local radio stations, television programs, or magazines offer similar in depth articles with advice from experts. With a combination of different print media, you can learn a variety of ideas that will help you create the home of your dreams.



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