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Small Bohemian Apartment Ideas – Living in a small Bohemian apartment is extremely different than living in a contemporary apartment. The latter’s architecture usually has a very clean, crisp, and professional look to it. This is not so in an apartment for rent in a small Bohemian building. Since the apartments are so small, there is no real flow or coordination with the rest of the building. Here are some small Bohemian apartment decorating ideas that might get your started.

Use a Color Scheme That Matches The Size

Color Tattoo Designs Since the apartments are small, you should use color schemes that go with the size. The classic tattoo designs are very popular in both style. You could look at old Chinese symbol tattoos, zodiac signs, or even just create your own by using colors that coordinate with your own natural skin tones. After all, your small Bohemian apartment decor should be a reflection of you, not the other way around!

Artwork The type of art that you hang on the wall will depend on what you want as small Bohemian apartment decorating ideas. There are thousands of different types of artwork out there that you can choose from. All you have to do is match it up with the colors that you have chosen and see how that works for you.

Art Prints You can actually find great buys on almost any kind of subject in books at big book stores. If you do not have access to those stores, you could always check out your local flea market to find small Bohemian items for sale. In the Bohemian community, anything goes so long as it is original. So would these prints and pictures make a good small Bohemian addition to your place?

The Most Important Part Of Bohemian Decorating Ideas

Books, Music And Art This is one of the most important parts of Bohemian decorating ideas. With your Bohemian wall art and music, you would be setting the tone for your whole house. Find a few Bohemian books in the library and start reading. Some great suggestions for music to listen to are: Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Native American and Celtic music. These have been some of the favorites of people in the Bohemian community for years and they are not going anywhere anytime soon!

Music, art and books are just a small piece of the puzzle when you are trying to create your small Bohemian haven. Once you have everything set up, you can start looking into the accessories that would complete the look. For instance, you can pick up some rustic wooden or rattan furniture to match the natural beauty of your small Bohemian apartment. Add in beautiful pillows, a coffee table made of cedar and a few comfortable sofas. Add to the decor by hanging up some Native American figurines, if you are lucky enough to live in an area where these native American tribes actually live.

Placement of Unique Native American Statues

The Native American figurines are very unique and can help you create the perfect little boy or little shack to call home in your small Bohemian apartments. Just remember that you don’t have to spend lots of money or go out of your way to locate these items. A lot of them are displayed in small Bohemian stores or even online at different websites. Just do your research, find the right look and shop around for your shopping convenience.

Other small Bohemian apartment ideas include finding Indian pottery to accent your small boma. You can find this in different Indian stores, flea markets and also online. An ancient Aztec candle can provide a wonderful touch as well. You can light it during the nights and still be able to see in the dark when you come home from work. All these things can help bring a little bit of the wild west into your small Bohemian apartment.



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