You touched my heart (My Bro)

You came and touched my heart.. it’s really a mystery how it’s feelin fill up my heart.

It’s just a story.. You know what, I pray to God to give me a brother,, at that time I just wanted to know how it feels of having a bro. You really sent me actually and I feel so happy about it,, but at first I’m not feeling that he is my real bro.. because he didn’t protect me, he just ruin me and I didn’t realized it before.. because no one even tell me, I learn after makin a mistake.. that’s really the worst of me, feelin ugly.. no one teach me how to love myself. I don’t understand and confuse.. and keepin me makin lot of mistakes.

You might want me to meet the wrong persons first before I met the real one.. (*that’s just in my minds).Β  Then you sent me another person in my life.. I’m so blessed. He really feels like my real bro.. He wanted to protect me,, but I always so stubborn and not obey what he’s sayin to me.. actually it’s for a good reason of course for me. This one is far away from me,, but he always tryin the best and could suddenly come in front of my face in the right time when I really “need” him. He acted like a man which is I salute him.. real bro to me and because my lack of knowledge about myself, I always disappointed him. I hurt him a lots.. aaah just forgive me! even I didn’t asked for forgiveness.. he always forgive me inside of his heart (I believe). Ohh Thank God!.

You really touched my heart, deep inside of it.. my soul, and this feelin never been wrong. The most worst thing is I’m not telling the truth and just hurting him again and again.. but now I learned a lots. I hope it’s not to late for me to be brand new.. be a person who will make him happy.

You courage me to love myself, to have more confidence about myself.. and that’s it. Real bro is not ruin you.. he just wanted to giving you a protections.. even with harsh comments or lots of advices.. that’s is actually his real affections that I just realized after makin lots of mistakes in life.. about myself, and more. I have learned so much.. thank you for giving me another opportunity to be better, to learn, to think about it.. to face it.

It’s better to be a good person after being bad.. rather than being bad after the good one. I promise to even more love myself and not fallin to the same mistake.

We could have a rock and roll live… yeaaah it’s fun I believe,, it’s really makin you havin young age all the time. But when it comes to relations–it’s better to always telling the truth.. be honest!–even it’s really painful in fact. That’s the best! Believe me.. Just spill out of your feelings.. what you wanted to tell, what you wanted to open.. and you’ll gonna be better.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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