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Don’t take life so seriously, it isn’t permanent 😛

Hello World! Olla again.. don’t get bored hahaa it’s just  me anyway! How are you? hope you doing good today and keep smile whatever happen in your life, just be strong enough to stand and don’t be afraid of unknown.

Did you ever heard a word of Travelista? Forever Traveler? yeaah.. of course it is for traveler around the world. A person who loves to go traveling around the world and there so many examples of how they’re really enjoy to see beautiful places to share their experiences.

I’m not that kind of travelista or forever traveler, I mean not that truly travelista because I’m not that often to go to explore places, just sometimes there is a time and an opportunity that brought me to that gorgeous places and of course one of them, just try to explore our country, Indonesia. So grateful..

You’ll find so many beautiful places because Indonesia is an island country.. so much beautiful beaches, resort, jungle.. and blends with native culture that is so unique and can not be found in any other country because it’s kinda tropical country where our anchestor said “stone and wood can be a plant” hahaa that’s just a metafor.

Using hijab not that means that you’ll lose your opportunity to explore places, to be free like you wanna be. Just explore and find who truly you are through your journey.. travel will enrich us. It’s moment and experiences, involved with the local peoples and see the beautiful of others cultures.. it something that can not be replaced.

With traveling you can feel a happiness, which is priceless.

So… you might the real travelista or forever traveler yeaaayyyy! Share me your story and pleasee write me a greetings from far far away 😀 We’re connected here anyway. See yaa next post guys!.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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