Tips Hijab to Campus (College)


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Olla everyone.. how are you today? hope you doing fine and keep on spirit as always to face whatever challenge in your path.

It just another post on the blog, TIPS Hijab to Campus/ College. You know what guys sometimes it’s difficult to find something casual but still edgy and cool to show on campus, the teenagers recently now more dynamic in choosing the kind of style what the want to wear, so here we go I wanna share a bit about hijab to your campus activity.

#1. Comfy: Comfortable might not sell, but it’s the first option in choosing what kind of hijab you want to wear, especially for you muslimah who is really active in your college.

Using a comfortable hijab is better rather than using the modest one but just limiting your activity to get more creativity.

#2. Simple: Whatever hijab model or fabrics you want to wear, just keep it simple guys.. because you might don’t wanna look too complicated in remodeling or if you retouch after you do praying, just tryin to choose something simple so that would make you even more easier to wear it again.

#3. Not too much : Don’t put too much pins cause it will just cause you too complicated and not so efficient to wear it again.

Not too much in putting an accessories if you don’t want your college mate think that you a running shop haha LOL. How could you put it all and mix it all if it is too much too look.. just a big no no.

That’s just simple tips for you genks! If you guys have the other cool tips to share here.. just let me know 😀

See yaa next post anyway.

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