Tips Hijab (Square Face)


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Olla again guys! how have you been..? hope you always and always doing good and take care of your health during this rainy season.

Today’s post is about a simple tips for you who is wearing hijab with square face. Why square face? because sometimes it’s really hard and difficult in having square face rather than the others faces shape.

Diamond, square and heart shape is almost the same so it’s just simple trick and tips in choosing the right hijab for you :

#1. Pastel Color : You know what, me too also having this kind of shape of face, and sometimes me more confident in wearing hijab rather than not in daily activities, you know why because I used to not confident at all because it’s really hard in finding something match and something really appropriate.

After a long time trying to wear all color of hijabs, based to my experience.. the best hijab color for this kinda shape of face is pastel color hijab.

You can easily using it to tricks, to make your face even more soft without using or wearing other too complicated one. The other benefit is your side of your face will be covered by it’s soft pastel color.

#2. No BOLD Color : You know what? I figured it out recently and removed all my bold color hijab because it’s really big no no for you who is having square, diamond or even heart face.

You can wearing it in special ocassion to make you look bolder, but for daily activities, just try to using the soft color one.

Bold color will just make people focuses on your shape of face, it really will give you more strong look and even look “fierce”.

#3. Simple : Of course the best way in wearing your hijab is simple, you know why.. because you don’t need to be too much in wearing your hijab. You can model it but remember just not too much or you don’t want your face look even looking more miserable.

You can always serching the best way, the best hijab model and color that real suits you, real show who you really are and the most important is keeping you to stay covered.

You will even master it in using hijab by trying and searching the best in you ๐Ÿ˜€ but just keep it simple guys anyway.

See yaa next post!.

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