Throwback : Singapore Travel Memory



Hi guyss.. this post is dedicated to the person on the pictures.. Thank You to my triple boss, the little junior boss.. the lady boss and of course the big boss 😀

Throwback : Singapore Travel Memory – It’s been a while and I just tryin to post all my pictures that still save from lost, because some of my memorable and important photos were lost just so sad.. but that’s okay! Let’s just throwback a little bit in the day when we’re in Singapore.

It’s just like a travel that not planned before, and you know what guyss.. even if you planning a travel domestic or abroad, just make sure that you’re planning everything before get messed up.

Just like our travel journey. At the beginning our boss planned a trip with his family, but then also taking me because they can not speak english and feel afraid to get lost in the middle of nowhere but the plus poin is I’m so so grateful of that chance and the opportunity even I’m taking care of my documents with my own bucks but that’s just worthed.

We starting our journey by flying to Batam, and planned to across to Singapore via Passenger Ferry from Batam’s harbour. That’s just smooth and yes of course there’s some interuptions from the “calo”, someone who sell ticketing illegally.. just do not tempted by them, just don’t.

Even it is cheaper to depart from Batam, but still it’s better when you just fly directly to Singapore via plane.

We finally arrive through Singapore port, Vivo City.. it’s a big mall there but connect to the port.. and I saw also mostly tourists, backpackers they choosing to across via Ferry. Hmm might be they wanted to feel different atmosphere and a “real” adventure.

Let’s just make it a shortcut : after arrived in Vivo City, we just taking a lunch first before went to the hotel, and you know what.. that’s also not yet planned before. Actually my big boss planned to stay in the Seaman’s club but when we came there the place was not allowed before booking it online first, OMG.. then we just neglected and just asking to a taxi driver for family hotel recommendation 😛 again that’s not be planned. Yeaaay just feelin the real adventure..!.

There still so many story that not yet completed I wanted to share here, but I think it will be so long.. we will continue it next time guyss.. that unplanned trip to Singapore heheee.

Ps: Pardon to my triple boss that your face were covered. It is for a reason that might just unwanted to expose. For my late big boss.. hope you get a better place in heaven.. the place that you’re longing to go before you said to us will going to travel here again once more. Your Singapore in heaven I believe is more beautiful.. R.I.P.

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