Sporty Hijab Fashion (Girl)


Let people talk anything about you? That’s Okay just smile 😀

Hello everyone.. How are you today? I hope you always doing good and keep to stay healthy.

It just another outfit post on the blog. I like to wear something sporty, even now I sometimes still wear it as a daily style for casual and when doing sports.

This kind of look is the easy style you can wear for daily activities, of course if you’re the one who really like simple style, and a sporty look is an option actually.

Wearing hijab is not means that you lose your opportunity in doing exercises, you can do yoga, football, go to the gym and doing aerobic, cycling and many more kind of sports.

Tops with comfy fabric that can absorb your sweat can help you to keep enjoy to do more activities. You can wear turban hijab to complete your sporty look, or just wearing whatever hijab model you like anyway 🙂

Adding a mini skirt on your long pants also an option, it can give you a feminine sporty look, and make you more look attractive.

Do not afraid in doing what you like, even muslimah who is wearing hijab can achieve an achievements in many sports.. be proud of that!

Wear hijab and keep doing sport.. yeaay! See yaa next post..



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