Simple Hijab like Brunch


You don’t have to like me. I’m not a Facebook status 😛

Holla everyone.. how are you today? hope you doing well and keeping your spirit on to face whatever challenges in life.

It just another post on the blog. Simple hijab is just like brunch, you know why? it’s because when you combine your breakfast time and lunch.. then it comes brunch 😀 Hahaa and what’s the relation with hijab? yaaah of course it’s just a simple words to express how it’s so simple when we’re wearing hijab in the daily life.

Hijab just simply wears in the daily activities for muslimah, just like daily breakfast and lunch.. and of course it won’t complete our days if not wearing hijab right. So that pick the comfy one to pick and wear for your daily activities.

Modern woman nowadays choosing more simple hijab, sporty and elegant look for the hectic activities, because it simply can mix and match and can be model with whatever you like it to shapes and of course suits with your charachter.

Hmm what about your brunch today? something quickly like hijab also.. something simple, quickly to wear.. no need so complicated that can be an alternative choice for you who wanna wears something modern, elegant yet simple.

Enjoy your brunch guys anyway! and for all muslimah around the world, enjoy of wearing hijab of course.. whatever your daily pick of hijab, make sure that you really fits to wearing it. See yaa next post 🙂

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