Review : Prambanan I’m in Love


The grass may be greener on the other side but at least you don’t have to mow it 😛

Holla everyone.. how are you today? it’s been a while and I hope you just doing fine, keeping your good health and.. of course don’t reduce your spirit to face whatever challenge in your life.

Today’s Review : Prambanan I’m in Love. When it comes to culture, i’m so enthusiast.. and before we’re learning about other’s culture, as a youth generation we need to learn and love, and of course preserve the culture in our own country. And my beautiful country is Indonesia..

There’s one place in the region of Magelang, Yogyakarta, Indonesia that really known with the legacy from the ancient kingdom in that special region, the place named Prambanan. There was a history behind the making of it’s majestic buildings, that really details in the relief.. and we could know of it’s history from the engraving stones that believed hand made and compiled hand by hands until it is formed beautifuly.. wonders the eyes that captured it.

You need to explore and seen on your own eyes, how it formed and the special story here is, that sacred temple and buildings are ordered by princess “Roro Jonggrang” (a javanese famous folktales) she asked to Bandung Bondowoso, the cruel man at that time when he rules the Kingdom and wanted to marry her, and she just asking something that impossible for him – she asked him to build 1000 temple on a night.

On the story telled that actually the man almost.. almost finishing the temple but with the trick from Roro Jonggrang than the temple was not completed on time (he gathered peoples to help her to make a rowdy sound that sign for the sunrise), he then suddenly anger can not completed it and with that special power, he cursed Jonggrang becomes a stone statue that completed the 1000 pieces of the temple, you can found her in the Shiva temple’s area.

I really wonder how really great mankind at that time can build such a wonderful buildings and complete the temple, even in the place that really high like in the hills or the top of the mountains.. without heavy machinery or robot works.

Prambanan I’m in Love. Just love how it’s place is really spacious, green field.. green area, you can walk along the way to wonders or to learns about it’s story or even just for traveling and takin pictures. That would gonna be different experience, of course if it’s compared with going to the mall 😛

Loveee.. Loveee and just keepin it is what it is. Hopefully our grand child still can see and care it’s beautiful heritage. So, just come and explore the wonderful of Indonesia.. you need to see it closer and get amazed.

See yaa next post anyway dear Guysss…XOXO.

Ps: I forgot that usually in review article I’m writing in Indonesia, but I dunno why today’s automaticly I write it in English. I hope it can be useful and just enjoy!!!.

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