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Olla guysss.. how are you today? it’s been a while. Hope you doing fine as always, taking care of your good health and of course don’t ever give up to face whatever happen in your path.

Let’s disscuss a bit about today’s title Review : Experience with native Speaker ups it just reverse Native Speaker Experience ๐Ÿ˜› Hihii pardon.. Have you guyss experienced with native? speakers from abroad.. Hmm I believe you used to it when you went traveling around Indonesia.

I have little tips for you, whether it is a beginner just like me or wanted to be a professional speaker, translator or whatever.. you need at least having an experience with native speakers, you might choose it randomly, yes you can of course.. because learning something is not limitless, like learning their language, of course we could compare how they speak from their different country.

Native of course having their kind of characteristic of speaking, and the more we experience to speak with them.. the more we understand how they spell and how to understand more about their languange.

The very first thing is just do not be afraid. When you went traveling to somewhere place like Yogyakarta, you can learn how good.. how they understand you with their language. Just experience and asking a bit.. of course you need to have a brave to encourage yourself to speak a loud.

It just fun how we can be connected through language, how it will more simpler to understand also what they have spoken, what they’re talkin about.. and especially for you student who is still learning in “English Language”.

Nowadays, there’s so many English Course that providing variety course that you could choose to maximize your foreign language even better, the one example here is WSE (Wallstreet English) that I have reviewed before.

You need to set your goals and manage your study time, and of course your study habbit. Just remember the old word that saying “Practice makes perfect”. It is also when you learn a language of course you need more practice, practice, doing lesson, and experience with native speakers ๐Ÿ˜€

So just don’t give up you guys.. experience with native is so cool. Even we’re not really know them better, at least there some of them that also so humble.. they also wanted to smile when we just smiled because it is contagious.

So just don’t forget to spread our hospitality to them, respect and having the good intentions to really learn about their language. It means also we add our knowledge which is something good..

Yaaay..! Just enjoy

See yaa next post dear guys.. XOXO.

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