Red (Euphoria Indonesia) 17/12


Red is for Brave! Let’s cheer and echoing.. it’s time to make a new history.

Olla everyone… today is the day! Just keep on spirit and be brave to face whatever challenge in your life. Keep smile and don’t forget to treat yourself 😀

Today is the day, our nation football hope will make a new history step and chapter, as you know the euphoria of the supporters of Indonesia, my lovely country in supporting their national football team in the AFF league 2016 (Second Leg Finale).

Why I’m interest to posting about it, because Let’s make it red.. I just wanna pray for the best and being a supporter even from far far away and can not witness it closely. Ahhh.. I do really love sports, and when it comes to football.. and it is about our national team, of course I wanna to take part to support and cheer for them.

Proud of them and proud to be born in red and white nationality, it is Indonesia.. that I believe and have faith we will gonna make a new step to breakthrough the football messed up all this time. We have an achievement and will show to the International that we deserved to be keepin on eyes.

This is it.. the right time for our national team footballers to make their dreams come true, one step more closer and they will crave a new history and new step of a new chapter of football future in our country.. we will make another big achivements for sure! Go go..!!! keep on spirit and don’t even give up till last minutes.

Red (euphoria Indonesia) 17/12.. even we can not make it red in Bangkok stadium, we believe that it won’t make our national team less their spirit.. it will make them even more red on her heart and mind, Just stay focuses and play the best..! Fly our national flag with proud..! Go.. go.. National Team Football Indonesia!!!

Keep fighting till last minutes!!! We proud of you.. We Love you.. XOXO.

An Indonesian, simple girl and curious about design, fashion, culture, history, music and many more. Peace, Love & Rock!

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